Who We Are?

Boiler Installation Company Covering Nottingham and beyond

Which? Trusted Trader Winner

We were awarded Which? Trusted Trader of the Month in September 2015 and January 2018. Also, we were a finalist in the Which? Trusted trader of the Year 2016. We are extremely proud of our achievements and hope to accomplish many more in the years to come. We have a 5-star rating on the Which? Trusted traders website from our many clients, we love hearing feedback to improve our service.

25 Years of Experience

We are a privately-owned business with over 25 years of combined experience for all of your home improvement needs. Our team of experts have a wide spread of knowledge in new boiler installations, thermal insulation and also renewable technology. You can put your trust in our skilled team’s hands to complete any boiler replacement in Nottingham and nearby areas to perfection.

Vision, Values & Mission

Our Vision

To be the preferred supplier of energy efficiency measures to the UK domestic Market.

Our Values

To supply a first class customer journey from sales enquiry to product installation and aftercare whilst maintaining honesty and integrity with employees, suppliers, partners and customers.

Mission Statement

Improve homes every day.

Central Heating Fully Trained Professionals

All of our staff are extensively trained to ensure that your products are installed swiftly and to a professional standard. With our multiple years of experience, no boiler installation in Nottingham is too hard for us, we cater our service to you and your needs. We are a passionate team who do their utmost to uphold our reputation and further improve themselves.

Nationally Recognised Accreditations

With the current push and encouragement from the Government towards energy efficient schemes, it is important that householders are aware of the benefits and understand the product if considering the option. We have nationally recognised accreditations and memberships such as Gas Safe, Oftec, CHAS and Worcester Bosch Diamond Accreditation that can be viewed below.

Flushing Heating

You may have noticed that your central heating is not as efficient as it used to be. Despite having to run your boiler longer, your home doesn’t get as warm and it takes longer to heat up. This is the result of the build-up of sludge and rust over time.

If you’re experiencing such problems with your central heating, the best solution is to have a power flush done. A power flush city helps to unclog the system and clear the build-up. It is the only practical way to efficiently clean the central heating system and remove the sludge. Without power flushing, you would have to replace the affected components which is expensive.

With our comprehensive power flushing service, we can help you restore the efficiency of your central heating and reduce your energy bills. In most cases, when installing a new boiler, it is a requirement by the manufacturer that the old system is power flushed prior to installing the new boiler and we can provide you with power flushing and boiler installation services.

There are a lot of myths that surround power flushing which is why most homeowners prefer not to have it done. It is a simple process we use to get rid of sludge and debris that has accumulated inside the central heating. The process does not involve any dismantling of any part of the central heating system and it does not damage the central heating in any way.

The process involves several steps all of which should be completed by a professional from us to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the process. We start by pumping a chemical into the central heating using special pumps. The chemical helps to dislodge the debris and remove deep sitting sludge. We then extract the chemical and use pressurised water to rinse out any traces of the chemical, sludge, and debris that might have been left behind. We keenly monitor the water coming out of the system and constantly discard it until it comes out clean.

To protect the piping in the central heating from internal corrosion after the power flushing has been completed, we add a high-quality inhibitor. The inhibitor also helps to prevent the build-up of contaminants and prolongs the life and functionality of the central heating because it stays active for many years.

Why Choose Us


Modern boilers are much more energy efficient and thus save you money. Our trained team can assess your home and recommend the best solution for you. We can offer boiler installations in Nottingham for a combi, traditional and system boilers; no job is impossible for us. We are the leading installers of New Boilers in Nottingham, we want to help you with your boiler and heating needs. We cover the whole of the Midlands, with boiler installations Lincoln, Rotherham, Sheffield and the major cities.

Boiler Service

It is extremely important to have your boiler serviced annually to avoid putting yourself and family members in danger. Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas and if there is leakage due to a faulty gas appliance, it can kill. We can undertake your boiler and other gas appliance service to keep your family safer.


We have been providing installs for over 25 years. We have the tools, skills, and experience to install without causing too much disruption to you and your home. Our team will aim to ensure your home is kept clean and tidy during the works and that we promptly get out of your hair after completing your boiler and can advise you on if you should upgrade, boiler repair or need to power flush your central heating system.

Central Heating

We are able to the full install your central heating system as well as replacing your boiler. We can upgrade your current central heating system or fit in a new system, whatever you require you can count on us - We offer central heating installation and across the Midlands. We offer free quotes and can advise you on if you need an upgrade, replacement or require a power flush for your central heating system. We are Gas Safe and Oftec registered team of engineers, which you confidence that your heating will be installed by an accredited company, which has a number of prestigious awards for high-quality craftsmanship. No heating job is too small, or difficult for our team of skilled, qualified installers. From the initial inquiry, right through to installation and aftercare, we maintain integrity and honesty with all out customers, providers, employees, and partners. 

Power Flush

Power flushing is a cleaning method used to remove deposits of rust, muck or any other rubbish from your central heating system that could be causing cold spots on your radiators. We are able to execute power flushing swiftly and have your system running back to normal and to its full efficiency. The main benefit of getting a power flush is that your central heating system is more efficient and saves you money in the long run. The pipes bleed and become free of any dirt and sludge, so your boiler can pump water around the house with ease. Benefits include

  • Better heat up times – power flushing helps to reduce the time the system takes to heat up your home. By removing the sludge and clearing the blockages, the transfer of heat becomes more efficient in the radiators and they got hotter over a shorter period.
  • Increased longevity – power flushing can help prolong the life of your boiler and radiators. Removing the impurities helps to reduce stress on the system and wear and tear. By allowing the system to work more efficiently with little strain, the equipment can remain functional for longer. In addition, the inhibitor we add helps to protect the pipework from corrosion for many years which helps you to get more service out of the system before any replacements are needed.

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We are committed to our goals and through our team of technical surveyors and installers aim to help domestic customers improve the energy efficiency of their homes.