10 Best Places to Eat in Leicester

Leicester is one of the best cities to live and work in in the UK and we loving installing boilers in Leicester. It has great parks and waterways, plenty of attractions, traditional market, some of the largest retails stores in the nation and, it also happens to have some pretty impressive restaurants and eating spots.

Whether you’re living here or simply visiting, there are certain spots that are worth eating from. From Mediterranean inspired cuisine to American bred fast foods, Leicester has it all. All you need to do is know where to head to depending on what you want to eat.

  1. The White Peacock

This is definitely one of the best places to eat in Leicester. They offer different international cuisines making it the best place for you to take your taste buds on a trip around the world without leaving Leicester. They also offer cocktails and fine wines and they offer exemplary services. If you’re looking for a taste of grandiose dining, The White Peacock will offer just that. It also happens to have one of the best dining locations.

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  1. Peter Pizzeria

From the comforts of 5-star dining straight to the exploits of fast foods. Peter Pizzeria is a great place to catch some Neapolitan-style pizzas. The have a great dining layout with a modern surrounding. For the best taste, they make their dough from sourdough which is left to ferment for over 20 hours before being hand-shaped. They are quite generous with their topping ingredients and they use hand-built Italian wood ovens. Talk of going the extra mile for the best-tasting Pizza old school style.

  1. Crafty Burger

Sticking with fast foods. If you’d prefer to take down a juicy burger, Crafty Burger will definitely have your taste buds tingling. They serve freshly prepared burgers with pickles, red onions and lettuce. Just like in the good old days. They only use Leicestershire beef which is reared in the March farmhouse. They don’t’ skimp on the processes and take time to dry age the meat. Every Wednesday to Saturday you will find scores of people devouring their juicy and tasty burgers.

  1. Lilu Fine Dining

If you’re dying for a tasted of the Indian cuisine, Lilu is the place for you. They have a great Indian fusion menu that has plenty of culinary delights. These include venison, some of the oldest and tastiest Indian curries, Duck and Sea Bass. The restaurant uses local produce to provide the ultimate dining experience with no colours or flavours. Just the goodness and flavour that nature intended.

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  1. OGGI Simply Italian

OGGI offers the ultimate Italian dining experience. Even without having a glance at their meals, the décor is enough to make you forget you’re not in a restaurant. It has a more homely feeling where you can enjoy an intimate experience. The diverse and great menu is a great compliment that will keep you coming back. Here, you can enjoy a variety of Italian dishes and they also have quite the customer support. It is the best all-around experience.

  1. North Bar and Kitchen

Every time you hear the word ‘bar’ there is a fuzzy feeling of friendship, buzzing chats and clunking of glasses. The Spirit of the North Bar and Kitchen is that of friendship. It is owned by friends and it doubles up as a local landmark. If you like local cultures, this is a great place to find a few friends. The restaurants offers European inspired dishes which some classic English cooking as well. It’s a great place to be in a friendly atmosphere. If you’re new in Leicester and want a place where you won’t feel left out, this s the perfect spot to be.

  1. Boneyard Restaurant

The Boneyard reflects the multicultural strength of Leicester. While here, you not only take in the aromas of different street foods but you get to enjoy the ambience as well. Initially, the restaurant only offered burgers. Today, they offer a variety of street foods at the comfort of the confines of their wall. You can choose from a wide selection of their burgers and hopefully get a new favourite one.

  1. Kobe Sizzlers

Meat lovers, Kobe Sizzlers is calling. They offer a unique dining experience and they use fresh and high-quality meat and other local produce. They have all their beef from the farm to the plate and they have a perfectly matured steak. They have invested in dry ageing chambers where the meat stays for up to 28 days. At this joint, you’re assured of fresh food at all times.

  1. Kayal

Kayal has a very specific offering. It concentrates of preparing seafood cuisines from the Indian State of Kerala. They have been severally featured for their quality steak on some of the leading culinary networks and books. They have many awards and honours for their record-breaking cuisines. They may not have the best surrounding or ambience, but they serve some very stunning dishes.

  1. Middletons Steakhouse

This remains one of the largest steakhouses in Leicester. You can tuck into their delicious prime cuts, burgers, fresh fish and meat. They also have tantalizing homemade desserts.

Whether you’re in Leicester visiting or living here and looking for a new culinary experience, any of these ten places will make you want to experiment new places. You have everything from fast foods to fine dining to keep your taste buds happy for a long time to come.

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