Bathrooms in Nottingham

Are you based in Nottingham and looking for a Bathroom? Is your current bathroom a fresh lease of life? Perhaps you just completed building your new home and you’re not sure how you would like the bathroom to look like? 2 RED can help. We have a highly qualified team of experts and a wide range of bathroom options from which you can pick your dream bathroom and we can have the results replicated at your home.

Our experienced team will help you with all the aspects of the bathroom from the beginning to the end only using the best quality and durable materials for your new bathroom. Regardless of how sophisticated or simple you would like your bathroom to look, our team of experienced plumbers, electricians and tillers will help you make your dream a reality.


Are you concerned that your dream bathroom might cost a little too much? With our financing services, you can realise your ideal bathroom without worrying about the cost. We spread the cost of having the new bathroom over a stipulated period and you can pay for the bathroom in manageable monthly instalment.  With 2 RED you don’t have to wait any longer to have your dream bath.

Free Surveys

Once you get in touch with us, we always like assessing your home to make sure you have enough space for the bathroom. If you’re converting one of the rooms in your home to the bathroom, this assessment is even more important. The best thing is, the survey is free and it doesn’t come with any obligations. Other than assessing the size and requirements of the home, we can also use the survey to present you with an estimate for the new bathroom in Nottingham.

With our help, we will help you realise any type of bathroom you want for your home. We specialise in walk-in showers, wet rooms, baths and we also offer a variety of bathroom fixtures ideal for those that would like to upgrade the look of their bathroom without tearing the whole thing down.

Why Choose Us?

  • A dedicated team of experts and designers – We have a team of designers and experts that have been working in the plumbing and construction fields for years. They are passionate and place great value in customer satisfaction. We will help you actualize your dream bathroom from the design to the installation of the bathroom. We work fast so you don’t have to worry about this taking longer to finish.
  • Timely installation – We understand you want to get back to the comfort of your home and we appreciate that. Once the design phase of the bathroom has been completed and we are in agreement on the final look of the bathroom, installation should only take a short time and you can be on your way to enjoying your new bathroom.
  • Courteous – Our bathroom installation team in Nottingham are courteous. While working in your home, we try our best to be as quiet as possible. We serve you with a smile and if you have any question, the team from 2 RED will take time to listen, respond and react. Finally, after we are done with the bathroom installation, we will clean up the mess before you leave so you all you have to do is jump in and enjoy the new bathroom.