Benefits of a Boiler Service

If you would want to prevent your boiler from breaking down when you most need it, you should conduct a regular annual boiler service. Though most boiler manufacturers pay attention to quality, over time, boilers accumulate dust and debris, which makes them less efficient and prone to breakdowns. Because of this, you must hire a Gas Safe boiler engineer to service your boiler.

Below are some of the benefits of the annual boiler service

It helps to prevent a boiler breakdown

For a moment, think of your boiler as the engine of a car. Cars need to have regular maintenance and servicing after travelling a specified distance to ensure that it operates at optimum efficiency especially when travelling over long distances.

Unlike cars, most boilers don’t get downtimes – they run 24/7. This makes the annual boiler service and maintenance even more important. The inspection and service will also improve the lifespan of the boiler.

Improving boiler efficiency

If you want to save money on energy bills, you should have your boiler serviced regularly. When the boiler components are working at the optimum, it will translate to the entire system and the overall efficiency.

Maintaining boiler efficiency includes doing simple things like cleaning the system through a chemical flush or Powerflush. This allows the system to run smoothly and transfer maximum heat.

Keep the boiler safe

A properly maintained boiler does not only run efficiently, but it is also safe. Boilers usually come with built-in safety mechanisms to ensure that they run correctly. However, the parts ensuring this safety can wear out with time and lead to boiler breakdowns. Part of boiler safety includes ensuring the fan is operational, and that the condensate and flue pipes are clear.

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Also, for maximum safety, you should use a Gas Safe engineer to conduct the service safely as well as legally.

The boiler servicing checklist

  • The Gas Safe engineer will inspect the boiler controls to ensure they are working safely. Moreover, they will turn on the boiler to see if they can pick up on any faults.
  • The inspection also includes checking the insides of the boiler for leaks and corrosion.
  • The engineer will remove the boiler casing to inspect the boiler components, including the sensor probe, main injector, the burner, and the heat exchanger.
  • They will inspect the gas pressure to ensure it lies within the acceptable green zone. Anything lower or higher means there’s an underlying boiler problem.
  • They will conduct a flue test to ensure that it’s not blocked and that its components are safely sealed to prevent harmful boiler gases from leaking into the house.
  • The gas valve is adjusted to ensure the burner is combusting efficiently.
  • The boiler parts are cleaned as needed.
  • The gas components are tested for leaks and cracks.
  • The boiler casing is replaced and sealed.

When the Gas Safe engineer completes the service, he will offer an annual service certificate. This certificate acts as proof of service when your insurance company comes asking for it. We advise holding onto service certificates dates two years back.

We cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a Gas Safe engineer. First, they ensure safety, and second, they help you maintain your boiler warranty. Using any other company or individual voids the warranty and leave you to fend for yourself in case of a boiler emergency.

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