Best Comedy Clubs in Nottingham

Want to crack yourself open with some side-splitting comedy action? Unlike 25 years ago, Nottingham has some great comedy clubs with some fascinating acts that you’re going to love. The biggest challenge you’re going to have is picking the best comedy clubs among all the available options.

Some of the most notorious and funniest acts like Russel Brand, Lee Evans and John Bishop frequent Nottingham and there are plenty of other local acts that you can enjoy occasionally. To help you make the most of the comedy scene in Nottingham, here are five comedy clubs that are a must-attend in Nottingham.

Just The Tonic

The most iconic and popular comedy club title goes to Just The Tonic. It’s a regular event that holds its events at the Royal Concert Hall, and the Belgrave rooms in Goldsmith Street. Occasionally, the club is also hosted at the Spiegel tent which regularly returns to the Old Market Square.

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The club has been running for over 20 years and has hosted some of the leading acts from Russell Brand to Peter Kay. It is a great place to be if you’re looking for a laugh. The experience they have in hosting shows and selecting the right acts will improve your experience.

Glee Club

Nottingham has been all smiles for over ten years thanks to the Glee Club. It is one of the main venues that you can go to if you’re looking for a laugh in Nottingham. With its lengthy stay in the comic world, it has hosted some of the nations most beloved comedians who include Jack Dee and Lee Evans. They have all done warm-up shows.

Things at the Glee Club are fast moving. You need to keep a close at their schedule to catch a glimpse of the best stand up acts as they try to crack you open.

Nottingham Playhouse

Known mainly as the home for theatre, the Nottingham Playhouse is also home to a variety of touring comedians and makes the best place to dry you ribs with laughter from stand up and other comedy acts. Some of the most popular names to have been a headliner at the Playhouse include David Baddiel who had a recent event.

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Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or catch some of the headliners and local acts in stand up and acting, this is a great place to be.

Jongleurs Comedy Club

Is laughing not enough? The Jongleurs comedy Club knows how to put together a great family time better than anyone else. It is a great place to eat, drink, laugh and dance all at the same event. Nothing brings a people together than laughter on a full stomach.

Their shows usually last for about two hours and feature the best live comics picked from the international and local circuits.

Motorpoint Arena

It’s the largest venue where you not only get to see famous national acts like John Bishop but, the club has also hosted Chris Rock and Michael McIntyre. It is a great place to see touring comedians and comediennes as they take the microphone and come up with their most hilarious content yet.

These five comedy clubs are sure places for you to catch a laugh and have some fun with your friends. All you have to do is check their schedule and find out where your favourite comedian will be starring next.

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