10 Best Places to Eat in Nottingham

Your Nottingham experience is not complete until you have had a taste of the different delicacies the city has to offer. There are plenty of great places that foodies will love and you can hang out after a fun day out. As the leading boiler installer, let us tell you more.

Nottingham offers a little slice of everything. From seven course meals to fast food joints. Whatever you crave, you will find it in Nottingham.

  1. Sat Bains

Let’s start with the people that have a complex palate and prefer multi-course meals. For once in a lifetime seven-course meals, Sat Bains is the best place for you to be. They have an expansive menu that features meals like veal croquette and Anjou Pigeon. If you’re looking to tease your taste buds with multi-course meals, this is the best place for you.

  1. Jam Café

Meals are always tastier when you have them with your friends and loved ones. If you prefer a joint where you can hang and eat with your mates, Jam Café has your back. It offers a great selection of cocktails including the infamous Bloody Mary and different meals ideal for different times of the day.

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Their offering includes brunch and even vegan dishes. The joint is not all about great food. They offer great music courtesy of an in-house DJ to wash down the food. You can also enjoy live bands, poets and comedians depending on the occasion.

  1. Annie’s Burger Shack

For fast food lovers, Annie’s Burger Shack will prove to be your haven. They make authentic American burgers and serve them with a wide array of selected Real Ales.  Are you a Vegan? Don’t worry, you’re covered too. They have 100% vegan recipes, veggie burgers and if the meat is your Achilles heel, then the meaty burgers will take care of all your exploits.

At Annie’s Burger Shack, you’re assured of having your burger just the way you like it. That is what they pride themselves in.

  1. The Cod’s Scallops

Some food recipes just never grow old. Sometimes they are not appreciated as they should be. But, at Cod’s Scallops, those authentic and award-winning fish and old fashioned sides like pickled eggs and gravy come back to life.

The most famous dish is fish and chips. The catch the fish and prepare it the same day ensuring the best possible quality. If you have a more advanced pallet, they have oysters and lobsters and curry sauce that you can try out.

  1. Alchemilla

Sometimes, the best food is at a backstreet restaurant well hidden from the rest of the world where you can savour the glorious taste of the different foods without attracting any attention.

Even though Alchemilla is located in Britain’s upmarket, the restaurant’s doors lead you below street level to the beautiful and carefully set tables. The food here is as fancy as it is pricy and downright delicious. You might want to also devour their beautiful ceiling windows.

  1. Inferno Pizza

Finding the right topping with your pizza is a tall order. At Inferno Pizza you will find all the toppings that you could only dream of previously and even better, they are paired with the right sauce. Finally, a place where you can make the pizza your own. In just 180 seconds, you can carefully choose the topping for your pizza, pick the sauce and cheeses and even throw a few finishing touches so you get the pizza just the way you like it.

  1. Houndsgate

The beauty of Nottingham is that it’s so diverse. Because of this, you will always find a little bit of everything. The Houndsgate is the perfect hideaway for vegetarians. They serve scrumptious meals that are simple but made from fresh ingredients. It’s family friendly and the fact that they use fresh ingredients makes their food better tasting.

  1. The Pudding Pantry

So far, those with a sweet tooth have been left out. To even the scales, here is an option that would work perfectly for you. The Pudding Pantry has perfected the art of making stacked fluffy pancakes which are a common delicacy in the U.S. while here, you can also take down a glass of milkshake, wine pairings and puddings. You’re literally spoilt for choice.

  1. Hartleys Coffee Bar

If you want a nice spot for your morning coffee run, and get gluten-free pastries, Hartleys is the best choice. They source everything from local suppliers for freshness and quality and offer you different blends of coffee that you’re going to love.

  1. Memsaab

If your taste buds are feeling adventurous and you’d like to try something new, Memsaab comes to mind. They have built a reputation with their tandoori chicken and barbequed meat. They have a clean and colourful look to their dining room which gets your digestive juices flowing. Their food has always been the star of the establishment and they always deliver beyond expectations.

There are tens and tens of food joints you can try out in Nottingham. These 10 are a great place to start. If you have the time, you can go visiting other available options like Alley Café, Gurkha One and Tamatanga among others.

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