Best Places to Live In Leicester City

If you are considering moving to Leicester whether as a student or professional, there are plenty of places that can suit the kind of environment you are looking for. Leicester is packed with great tourist attractions, a rich history and world-class learning institutions that are ideal for both students and a family. There are plenty of places you could choose to live in Leicester and each of them offers its own benefits. Here is a quick overview of some of them.


This is an area that is perfect for students. It is affordable and more convenient for them. There is shared living, perfect for students and its proximity to the city makes commuting easier and more convenient. If you are looking for a vibrant neighbourhood where accommodation and general way of life is affordable, Oadby is going to be the perfect fit for you. We actually get a number of boiler calls in this Leicestershire area.


Evington is the best place for student and young professionals to live. It is full of life and very vibrant. It is also a little noisy but the affordable housing makes up for that and it keeps on attracting more students and young professionals who are interested in living in a hype and ever moving type of neighbourhood.

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Clarendon Park

As much as the cost of accommodation in this neighbourhood is high, living here is definitely worth a shot! With the silent neighbourhood is a place that is not appealing to students at all. Clarendon Park is largely occupied by professionals with families and it continues to be one of the areas in Leicester which is highly coveted by families that are looking for a quiet neighbourhood to bring up their children. You also do not expect the kind of people living here to have share living it very rare and probably the reason why the pay gets higher compared to other places like the Evington. There are also a variety of shops and restaurants here to satisfy the needs of the people living around. This is definitely the place to be if you ready to dig deep into your pockets.

Narborough road

When you find a place with a high student population, the first things that should come to your mind is convenience and affordable accommodation. Narborough Road fits this description perfectly It has a large student population and is filled with shops, restaurants, job opportunities and a very friendly house pricing. it is, therefore, a good idea to land in Narborough Road especially if you are a student or you are working with a tight budget and you need to be in a friendly neighbourhood.

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South Knighton

This is another place where shared living is applied to making it perfect for students. It is a very nice place most especially if you are up to maintain mobility. There is easy access to transport which is a great bonus especially if you have to occasionally drop into town. Leicester has plenty of great places for both professionals and students to live. The diversity of life and easy access to the city are among the reasons why Leicester is highly sought after.

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