Best Places to Live In Rotherham

Rotherham is the cradle of stainless steel and we have been offering new boiler installs in Rotherham for over 10 years. It has an impressive past and was one of the best places to be live back in the day. Today, if you’re considering moving to Rotherham, you need to carefully consider the places where you can live. The town centre might be run down without much to offer but, it is not short of affluent, serene and nice places that you can bring up your family. What’s more, houses are on the cheaper side here and you can easily score yourself a dream home.


If you’re looking for a village that is calm and probably dominated by the older citizens, Ravenfield is it. The village has ample amenities for its residents and is one of the better places to bring up a family in Rotherham. The older average population is very attractive to families that are looking for a place to bring up children without much interference from their peers. The property market here is quite lucrative and with a little patience and luck, you might just be able to get more than you bargained for with your budget.

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There are also plenty of activities and parks that you can visit in and around the village. Other attractions include the Big Tops Play and Party Centre as well as the Cliffton Park and Museum.


Firbeck is home to one of the most glamorous hotspots in Britain back in the 1930’s. Even though the village is quite small with a low population, it does have quite a long string of amenities adequate enough to serve any family looking to settle here. These include a church, the Firbeck Hall. Firbeck is a great place for a family that prefers a quiet and laidback life with average facilities to have fun.

Manvers in Wath

There are quite a number of likeable places in Manvers in Wath that you would love. The little village has a great Folk Music Festival over the summer and there are plenty of decent pubs in case you like hanging out and catching a drink after a hard day at work. What’s more, you will find some of the best curry South of Yorkshire at Manvers in Wath.

The village is surrounded by great places for children like the Playmania in Elsecar Heritage Centre, a wildlife centre a popular garden centre and a great café. Even though the village itself might not have a great set of amenities, the surrounding areas which are just a short drive away offer everything you need for a comfortable and convenient life.


Unlike most of the other villages, Swinton is a lovely area with nice parks and it also has a nice shopping area. The people here are friendly and its range of amenities include good primary schools, a great library and a police station. You may have to do without the coffee shops but with time, there’s no question that some will pop up.

When thinking of living in Rotherham, there are places you want to avoid but, there are also great places that you could enjoy especially if you’re not after the vibrant and outgoing type of lifestyle. These are just some of the areas but you could also look into other areas like Chapletown.

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