Best Places To Visit In Leicester

We have been covering new boiler installs in Leicestershire for over 5 years. Leicester has a variety of tourist attraction sites, from amusement parks, hiking trails, town squares, museums, monuments, memorials, and other archaeological sites. Leicester is the best place for art lovers since it has the largest collection of German Expressionist artwork in the U.K.

Here are some places to visit in Leicester both for fun with family and friends and with business partners;

King Richard III Visitor Centre

This Visitor Centre tells all about the gripping and moving story of the life, demise and the uncovering of King Richard III. The exhibition graphs the king’s life and death and describes the circumstances that led to a hasty burial and eventual uncovering. If you have not gone to see King Richard Tomb yet, consider it as a worthwhile visit, which is set in Leicester Cathedral.

St Martin’s square

It is a delightful spot to spend with family and friends on the afternoon. The beautiful courtyard is surrounded by freelance shops, restaurants and beauty shops: making the spot more favourable and the best place to chill out with friends, go shopping, drink coffee and also experiment with a new look.

Twycross Zoo

Twycross is the largest zoo in Leicester, and is a popular tourist attraction site for both children and adults. Primates hence also referred to as Specialist primate zoo primarily inhabit this zoo; you can see monkeys, apes, gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos all in one visit.

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Tropical Birdland

The tropical birdland is a great place to visit especially with the toddlers but not only toddlers will enjoy feeding birds with fruits and peanuts but also the adult tend to enjoy the moment as much as the toddlers. For pet owners and having a particular interest in parrots, the tropical birdland is the place to be.

Curve Theatre

This is Leicester’s glorious home for theatre and performing arts, stationed in the City’s cultural Quarter. These theatre natures and supports new and emerging talents, It is also the best spot for casts and music lovers.

St Nicholas Church

It is the oldest church in Leicester with a great architecture. It is hard to miss the place since it is quite visible and centrally set. It has a shiny gold clock above it; you will also find Roman tiles inside and outside. It is located right next to Jewery Roman Museum; it has a tower inside and is full of interesting features.

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

A wonderful building set and great city museum with top class art, this place is highly recommended for the art lovers. The information is laid out clearly making it easier even for kids to understand, it also have a variety of items and some fun interactions for kids. The Rutland dinosaur is the main attraction.

Leicester is an unequaled city and a wonderful place to visit with a good number of visitor attractions. Leicester city combines the finest English traditions with multicultural activities and the cosmopolitan buzz of the city. It is a city rich in arts, culture, sports and heritage, Leicester offers something of interest for all age groups.

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