What’s On in Nottingham?

Nottingham is full of plenty of exciting activities perfect for you or your family. You have a rich collection of things to choose from. To help you save on time finding the best activities, here is a quick run-down on what is happening in Nottingham this year. We are one the best boiler company in Nottinghamshire, so let us tell you what’s on in Nottingham.


Music lovers will be well taken care of this January. The Nottingham based charity event “Beat the Street” will be held on the 27th January. It is an all family affair for anyone above 14 years and after 11PM, the adults can have fun.

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This is easily one of the highlights of the year with up to ten stages across the city centre. What’s more, it is for a worthy cause. All the proceeds from the show go to a charity for the homeless. You can catch the action at the different participating venues like Rescue Rooms, The Bodega, Rough Trade and the Black Cherry Lounge.


The second month of the year will be a colourful affair. It is will start with the Chinese New Year Temple Fair event. It is a great place to be largely because it’s free and you can mingle with people from different cultures and from all walks of life.

There are plenty of interesting activities that are carried out as part of the festivities. You can take part in different arts like calligraphy, music dance, or the all famous Chinese Dragon Dance. While at it, why not indulge yourself in some Chinese delicacies?

The first week of February will also feature the light Night. It is a mind-blowing event with exciting performances and light installation. It will be the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Spaceflight this year and as a special touch, you will get a special tour of the Museum of the Moon. You will get to see up close imagery from NASA. It is easily the closest experience you will have to land on the moon.


June has been carved out as the month for lovers of sports to indulge. The Nature Valley Opens tournament will be making a return to Nottingham and you can catch some of the best local, national and international talent as they battle it out. The event will last a week and as you would expect with any major tournament, there will be other supporting events and plenty of food and drinks.

The tickets are already on sale so why not grab yours now and get front row seats to the event.


Nottingham is the fond home of the great Robin Hood folklore. In August this year, the festival which aims to revive characters from this all famous story will be happening.

For the 35th year, the RSPB will be organising a fun-filled week for the entire family. You and your kids will be entertained with plenty of discoveries to be made in the forest. It is the perfect way to bring the family together and bond.

Even though the year is still young, it promises to be a great one for the lovers of the great outdoors. There are plenty of activities already planned and some even have the tickets already. Keep your ear to the ground and see if any events that might interest you will be mentioned.

What to Do in Nottingham This Weekend

Wondering what to do with your extra weekend hours? Or, you’re just dropping by in Nottingham and would like a quick round up of some of the most interesting activities and spots to hang out and have fun?

Lucky for you, Nottingham has great places where you can hang out with friends. It also has some great family spots where you can relax and bond over the weekend and we have the low down on all the best joints.

Family Affair

  • White Post Farm – this 25 acres of land with over 3000 animals is a great place for the whole family to be in. It features an outdoor play area with two forts and large trampolines. There’s a reptile house, ball pools, beam balances and bumpy slides. It is an all family fun affair in one place.
  • Sundown Adventure Land – this theme park located in Nottinghamshire is the perfect spot for the young ones. There is a huge variety of attractions that you can enjoy which include and Ostrich safari ride and the famous Robin Hood Ride.
  • Museums and attractions – if you’re looking to quench your thirst for knowledge with some fun on the side, you can never go wrong with the different museums in Nottingham. They include the City of Caves, Green’s Mill and Science Centre, and the National Justice Museum among others.


No weekend is ever complete without a taste of the nightlife. There are various options to consider n Nottingham not just the bars and clubs

  • Open Night – it’s a great place to showcase your talent. They do everything from acting, backstage, lighting, cleaning and set building. If you have a creative arts talent, it’s a great place for you to be.
  • Bars and restaurants – Nottingham is awash interesting bars and nightclubs. Some of the top ranking ones that could turn any dull weekend around include Ink, The Bodega Social Club, Oceana and Stealth. Each of them has a different theme but all are definitely worth checking out.

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  • Dating – are you interested in mingling with the fine ladies of Nottingham? There are a few nighttime dating events that you could try. There is the Speed Dating event held at the Pitcher and Plano for people over 20 years.


Nothing ends the week better than a hearty laugh. For many years, Nottingham has been the home for many comedy clubs. You might want to check if there’s a schedule that matches with your weekend plans. There are numerous comedians that come through Nottingham on their tours and even local acts that can dry your ribs. These events are accompanied by plenty of food and drinks and you could easily make them a family affair.

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If you’re looking to catch a break from the house or just have some fun, there are plenty of weekend activities for you in Nottingham. There are options that will help you and your family bond, great spots to hang out with your friends and discuss anything from business to football and finally some interesting places to catch a laugh or even find the love of your life.

The History of Nottingham

We have been installing boilers in Nottinghamshire for a number of years. With a population of 350,000 people, Nottingham is nowhere close to the standards set by London and other cities in Britain. Nottingham is best known for its diverse culture and interesting history.

The Origin

Nottingham has its roots in the Snotta Inga Ham settlement which became Nottingham after many years. In the 9th century, the settlement which had now become a village was taken over by the Danes after their successful invasion. They fortified it with a wooden palisade and became a highly valued asset in what later become the United Kingdom.

The value of the village was because of the value of the River Trent. There were many ensuing fights over the village because it was one of the few places to ford the river.

Growth and Development

In the 10th century, the town experienced exponential growth. The population was a few hundred but it had its own mint and it had been given back to the monarch.

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By the 12th century, the town had received its charter which meant the citizens could finally enjoy a variety of rights and privileges not available to others in the land. The growth curve was derailed by the Norman Conquest but quickly after the conquest was over. The population grew exponentially to 3,000 people making it a large town. It also became the centre for making wool and a hub for goldsmiths. Other professions included tile making and pottery.

By the 17 Century, the town had an active market, the Nottingham castle had been erected and St. Mary’s hospital had been founded.

18th Century to Modern Times

Nottingham continued to thrive and was even described by a renowned author as, “The most beautiful town he had ever seen.” The town had a popular market that was one of the most active and pleasant in the land. It had grown famous and the infrastructure had improved. Oil lamps lit the streets and the upper class had running piped water.

The addition of the hospital and a vibrant police force improved livelihood even for those at the bottom of the social class.

A post office was built on Albert Street in 1848 and later on, the Arboretum opened. In the 19th century, the Nottingham Evening Post started a publication and later in the century, Raleigh Cycle business opened its doors.

To date, Nottingham enjoyed a lot of success as an industrial city. It is home to different manufacturing companies in the printing, textiles and pharmaceutical fields. Over the years, it has also bolstered its potential as a tourist attraction with plenty of tourist attractions like the Nottingham theatre and the ilocked escape rooms. ‘

The exponential industrial growth of Nottingham has contributed to the rise of property prices and the cost of living. Even though despite the growth it is still considered a small city, it has come a long and constantly risen above different challenge to become the success story that it is today.

Today, the city is synonymous with the folklore of Robin Hood and it is popular with lace-making and a hub for bicycle making and the tobacco industry.

10 Best Places to Eat in Nottingham

Your Nottingham experience is not complete until you have had a taste of the different delicacies the city has to offer. There are plenty of great places that foodies will love and you can hang out after a fun day out. As the leading boiler installer, let us tell you more.

Nottingham offers a little slice of everything. From seven course meals to fast food joints. Whatever you crave, you will find it in Nottingham.

  1. Sat Bains

Let’s start with the people that have a complex palate and prefer multi-course meals. For once in a lifetime seven-course meals, Sat Bains is the best place for you to be. They have an expansive menu that features meals like veal croquette and Anjou Pigeon. If you’re looking to tease your taste buds with multi-course meals, this is the best place for you.

  1. Jam Café

Meals are always tastier when you have them with your friends and loved ones. If you prefer a joint where you can hang and eat with your mates, Jam Café has your back. It offers a great selection of cocktails including the infamous Bloody Mary and different meals ideal for different times of the day.

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Their offering includes brunch and even vegan dishes. The joint is not all about great food. They offer great music courtesy of an in-house DJ to wash down the food. You can also enjoy live bands, poets and comedians depending on the occasion.

  1. Annie’s Burger Shack

For fast food lovers, Annie’s Burger Shack will prove to be your haven. They make authentic American burgers and serve them with a wide array of selected Real Ales.  Are you a Vegan? Don’t worry, you’re covered too. They have 100% vegan recipes, veggie burgers and if the meat is your Achilles heel, then the meaty burgers will take care of all your exploits.

At Annie’s Burger Shack, you’re assured of having your burger just the way you like it. That is what they pride themselves in.

  1. The Cod’s Scallops

Some food recipes just never grow old. Sometimes they are not appreciated as they should be. But, at Cod’s Scallops, those authentic and award-winning fish and old fashioned sides like pickled eggs and gravy come back to life.

The most famous dish is fish and chips. The catch the fish and prepare it the same day ensuring the best possible quality. If you have a more advanced pallet, they have oysters and lobsters and curry sauce that you can try out.

  1. Alchemilla

Sometimes, the best food is at a backstreet restaurant well hidden from the rest of the world where you can savour the glorious taste of the different foods without attracting any attention.

Even though Alchemilla is located in Britain’s upmarket, the restaurant’s doors lead you below street level to the beautiful and carefully set tables. The food here is as fancy as it is pricy and downright delicious. You might want to also devour their beautiful ceiling windows.

  1. Inferno Pizza

Finding the right topping with your pizza is a tall order. At Inferno Pizza you will find all the toppings that you could only dream of previously and even better, they are paired with the right sauce. Finally, a place where you can make the pizza your own. In just 180 seconds, you can carefully choose the topping for your pizza, pick the sauce and cheeses and even throw a few finishing touches so you get the pizza just the way you like it.

  1. Houndsgate

The beauty of Nottingham is that it’s so diverse. Because of this, you will always find a little bit of everything. The Houndsgate is the perfect hideaway for vegetarians. They serve scrumptious meals that are simple but made from fresh ingredients. It’s family friendly and the fact that they use fresh ingredients makes their food better tasting.

  1. The Pudding Pantry

So far, those with a sweet tooth have been left out. To even the scales, here is an option that would work perfectly for you. The Pudding Pantry has perfected the art of making stacked fluffy pancakes which are a common delicacy in the U.S. while here, you can also take down a glass of milkshake, wine pairings and puddings. You’re literally spoilt for choice.

  1. Hartleys Coffee Bar

If you want a nice spot for your morning coffee run, and get gluten-free pastries, Hartleys is the best choice. They source everything from local suppliers for freshness and quality and offer you different blends of coffee that you’re going to love.

  1. Memsaab

If your taste buds are feeling adventurous and you’d like to try something new, Memsaab comes to mind. They have built a reputation with their tandoori chicken and barbequed meat. They have a clean and colourful look to their dining room which gets your digestive juices flowing. Their food has always been the star of the establishment and they always deliver beyond expectations.

There are tens and tens of food joints you can try out in Nottingham. These 10 are a great place to start. If you have the time, you can go visiting other available options like Alley Café, Gurkha One and Tamatanga among others.

10 Best Places to Eat in Leicester

Leicester is one of the best cities to live and work in in the UK and we loving installing boilers in Leicester. It has great parks and waterways, plenty of attractions, traditional market, some of the largest retails stores in the nation and, it also happens to have some pretty impressive restaurants and eating spots.

Whether you’re living here or simply visiting, there are certain spots that are worth eating from. From Mediterranean inspired cuisine to American bred fast foods, Leicester has it all. All you need to do is know where to head to depending on what you want to eat.

  1. The White Peacock

This is definitely one of the best places to eat in Leicester. They offer different international cuisines making it the best place for you to take your taste buds on a trip around the world without leaving Leicester. They also offer cocktails and fine wines and they offer exemplary services. If you’re looking for a taste of grandiose dining, The White Peacock will offer just that. It also happens to have one of the best dining locations.

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  1. Peter Pizzeria

From the comforts of 5-star dining straight to the exploits of fast foods. Peter Pizzeria is a great place to catch some Neapolitan-style pizzas. The have a great dining layout with a modern surrounding. For the best taste, they make their dough from sourdough which is left to ferment for over 20 hours before being hand-shaped. They are quite generous with their topping ingredients and they use hand-built Italian wood ovens. Talk of going the extra mile for the best-tasting Pizza old school style.

  1. Crafty Burger

Sticking with fast foods. If you’d prefer to take down a juicy burger, Crafty Burger will definitely have your taste buds tingling. They serve freshly prepared burgers with pickles, red onions and lettuce. Just like in the good old days. They only use Leicestershire beef which is reared in the March farmhouse. They don’t’ skimp on the processes and take time to dry age the meat. Every Wednesday to Saturday you will find scores of people devouring their juicy and tasty burgers.

  1. Lilu Fine Dining

If you’re dying for a tasted of the Indian cuisine, Lilu is the place for you. They have a great Indian fusion menu that has plenty of culinary delights. These include venison, some of the oldest and tastiest Indian curries, Duck and Sea Bass. The restaurant uses local produce to provide the ultimate dining experience with no colours or flavours. Just the goodness and flavour that nature intended.

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  1. OGGI Simply Italian

OGGI offers the ultimate Italian dining experience. Even without having a glance at their meals, the décor is enough to make you forget you’re not in a restaurant. It has a more homely feeling where you can enjoy an intimate experience. The diverse and great menu is a great compliment that will keep you coming back. Here, you can enjoy a variety of Italian dishes and they also have quite the customer support. It is the best all-around experience.

  1. North Bar and Kitchen

Every time you hear the word ‘bar’ there is a fuzzy feeling of friendship, buzzing chats and clunking of glasses. The Spirit of the North Bar and Kitchen is that of friendship. It is owned by friends and it doubles up as a local landmark. If you like local cultures, this is a great place to find a few friends. The restaurants offers European inspired dishes which some classic English cooking as well. It’s a great place to be in a friendly atmosphere. If you’re new in Leicester and want a place where you won’t feel left out, this s the perfect spot to be.

  1. Boneyard Restaurant

The Boneyard reflects the multicultural strength of Leicester. While here, you not only take in the aromas of different street foods but you get to enjoy the ambience as well. Initially, the restaurant only offered burgers. Today, they offer a variety of street foods at the comfort of the confines of their wall. You can choose from a wide selection of their burgers and hopefully get a new favourite one.

  1. Kobe Sizzlers

Meat lovers, Kobe Sizzlers is calling. They offer a unique dining experience and they use fresh and high-quality meat and other local produce. They have all their beef from the farm to the plate and they have a perfectly matured steak. They have invested in dry ageing chambers where the meat stays for up to 28 days. At this joint, you’re assured of fresh food at all times.

  1. Kayal

Kayal has a very specific offering. It concentrates of preparing seafood cuisines from the Indian State of Kerala. They have been severally featured for their quality steak on some of the leading culinary networks and books. They have many awards and honours for their record-breaking cuisines. They may not have the best surrounding or ambience, but they serve some very stunning dishes.

  1. Middletons Steakhouse

This remains one of the largest steakhouses in Leicester. You can tuck into their delicious prime cuts, burgers, fresh fish and meat. They also have tantalizing homemade desserts.

Whether you’re in Leicester visiting or living here and looking for a new culinary experience, any of these ten places will make you want to experiment new places. You have everything from fast foods to fine dining to keep your taste buds happy for a long time to come.

Best Comedy Clubs in Nottingham

Want to crack yourself open with some side-splitting comedy action? Unlike 25 years ago, Nottingham has some great comedy clubs with some fascinating acts that you’re going to love. The biggest challenge you’re going to have is picking the best comedy clubs among all the available options.

Some of the most notorious and funniest acts like Russel Brand, Lee Evans and John Bishop frequent Nottingham and there are plenty of other local acts that you can enjoy occasionally. To help you make the most of the comedy scene in Nottingham, here are five comedy clubs that are a must-attend in Nottingham.

Just The Tonic

The most iconic and popular comedy club title goes to Just The Tonic. It’s a regular event that holds its events at the Royal Concert Hall, and the Belgrave rooms in Goldsmith Street. Occasionally, the club is also hosted at the Spiegel tent which regularly returns to the Old Market Square.

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The club has been running for over 20 years and has hosted some of the leading acts from Russell Brand to Peter Kay. It is a great place to be if you’re looking for a laugh. The experience they have in hosting shows and selecting the right acts will improve your experience.

Glee Club

Nottingham has been all smiles for over ten years thanks to the Glee Club. It is one of the main venues that you can go to if you’re looking for a laugh in Nottingham. With its lengthy stay in the comic world, it has hosted some of the nations most beloved comedians who include Jack Dee and Lee Evans. They have all done warm-up shows.

Things at the Glee Club are fast moving. You need to keep a close at their schedule to catch a glimpse of the best stand up acts as they try to crack you open.

Nottingham Playhouse

Known mainly as the home for theatre, the Nottingham Playhouse is also home to a variety of touring comedians and makes the best place to dry you ribs with laughter from stand up and other comedy acts. Some of the most popular names to have been a headliner at the Playhouse include David Baddiel who had a recent event.

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Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or catch some of the headliners and local acts in stand up and acting, this is a great place to be.

Jongleurs Comedy Club

Is laughing not enough? The Jongleurs comedy Club knows how to put together a great family time better than anyone else. It is a great place to eat, drink, laugh and dance all at the same event. Nothing brings a people together than laughter on a full stomach.

Their shows usually last for about two hours and feature the best live comics picked from the international and local circuits.

Motorpoint Arena

It’s the largest venue where you not only get to see famous national acts like John Bishop but, the club has also hosted Chris Rock and Michael McIntyre. It is a great place to see touring comedians and comediennes as they take the microphone and come up with their most hilarious content yet.

These five comedy clubs are sure places for you to catch a laugh and have some fun with your friends. All you have to do is check their schedule and find out where your favourite comedian will be starring next.

Boiler Pressure Keeps Dropping to 0

Unfortunately, boilers losing pressure is a common problem especially in systems that are not properly maintained.

Boilers that are part of a sealed system require pressure (about 1.5bar) to function. To accumulate pressure, the heating circuit is sealed after the system is filled with water to a certain level. If water escapes from the system, the pressure reduces. If the pressure falls below 0.75 bar, the safety switch prevents the boiler from firing. This means no more hot water for you.

What Causes Loss of Pressure in Boiler?

There are several reasons why your boiler might be losing pressure. Regardless of what the reason could be, it should only be corrected by a qualified person.


The most common reason for pressure loss is leaking. The leak can be anywhere in the central heating circuit and identifying the source of the leaks can be difficult at times.

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If you get in touch with us at 2 RED, our technician will take time to locate the leak. We don’t mind get on our hands and knees, feeling the pipework and the radiator and in tight spaces to find the leak. It is important to note that even the smallest leak can have a huge impact on the pressure level. Also, if the leak is not repaired, it only gets worse over time.

Burst or Discharged Expansion Vessel

Once water is heated, it expands. This increases pressure within the system. The expansion vessel is designed to accommodate the increase in pressure and prevent undue stress on the rest of the system.

The design of the expansion vessel includes a balloon that is pre-charged to 1 bar. In the course of time, the balloon loses the charge. This is easily corrected during the annual boiler service. If the balloon is allowed to lose all of its charges, it can burst which results in costly repairs and increased pressure in the boiler.

It is important for the expansion vessel to be kept functioning properly to allow for proper regulation of pressure. Get in touch with us today for proper boiler servicing and also to recharge your expansion vessel.

Faulty Safety or Pressure Relief Valve

In most cases, the failure of the safety valve or pressure relief valve is because of over pressurisation caused by the failure of the expansion vessel.

The safety valve Is designed to open automatically every time the pressure reaches 3 bar. Eventually, the valve might not close because debris from the system obstructing the valve. If the valve does not close properly, it can leak or weep to cause a pressure drop.

We can help correct the problem during boiler service by replacing the valve.

If you’re concerned about your boiler losing pressure, it could be because you don’t give it enough attention during servicing. For comprehensive and competitive boiler repair, get in touch with us today. We can guarantee an all-round check-up for your boiler and make sure that all the parts of your boiler receive the attention they need to keep working longer and more efficiently.

Boiler Working But No Hot Water

If your boiler is working but you have no hot water, there is a long list of items you can check to identify the problem and resolve it. You might find out that it is something you forgot to turn on. Because of this, it is best you do a quick preliminary check before involving any experts.

Flow rate

In cold weather, the flow rate of the water can deep. You might think your boiler is not working but the problem is actually the low flow of water over the heat exchangers. To know if this is the problem, you can run the hot water tap but only at a trickle. If the problem is the flow, it does not require immediate repairs. You might have to wait until the weather warms up a bit.

Check the boiler

If the water flow passes, you need to check the boiler. First, make sure that power is getting to the boiler and that it is working. Check the lights at the panel. Check the timer and other components and make sure they are working properly. Also, look at the pressure gauge to make sure nothing is wrong. If the pressure is fine, it should be at 1 bar.

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You can also try to feel the pump. But, we strongly advise against taking the boiler cover off to check on the pump. This should only be done by qualified engineers who are trained and registered by Gas Safe.

Check the timer

Your boiler might stop working because the timer is wrong. Time could move forward or backwards and if there was a power cut, it could have reset the timer. Check the timer to make sure it is set up correctly. If it is not, you can adjust it and see if that fixes the problem.

Check thermostat and pilot light

If the thermostat is turned down or off, it can explain why you have cold water coming out of the taps. You might have forgotten to turn it back up when you came back home. Next, check the pilot light which should have a crisp blue colour. Once you have ascertained that these are working well, you can move to the next step.

Turn everything all the way up

Try to kick the water heater into action by turning up the radiator and the water temperature. If this does not work, check the expansion tank and the feed. If you have an open-ended tank, you can check the ball valve float to make sure it is not stuck.

Finally, if everything else fails, try switching the system off and on again to see if it is going to pick up. You need to give it a couple of minutes. This should reset the appliances and if there was something that was not working properly it should be able to work now.

Call in the experts

If all the checks don’t work, you can get in touch with us. We will send a qualified member of our team and a Gas Safe registered engineer to look at the system and get the hot water flowing again.

Ways to Ensure Your Boiler Lasts Longer

The life expectancy of your boiler depends on a variety of factors. If you have a traditional gas boiler then the average expectancy is between ten and fifteen years, but only if it is well maintained and you have it serviced annually. If you have an electrical boiler it will last between eight and ten years. If at all you have a superior quality boiler, it can last for twenty years with proper maintenance. To help ensure that your boiler stays working effectively for as long as possible, here are a few recommendations.

Buy a reliable boiler

To ensure that your boiler stays working for a long time, you have to start by buying a high-quality boiler. A high-quality boiler needs fewer repairs and is more likely to remain fault-free longer after being installed. If you choose the least reliable boiler brand then it is most likely to break down frequently making you use more money repairing it. If you’re not sure of the best boiler to buy, our experts at 2 RED can help recommend the best boiler based on your budget and needs.

Ensure all services are carried out by an eligible engineer

It is important to get the right person for the installation. You can get in touch with us for quality boiler installation services. Our engineers are highly trained and have many years of experience. By getting a well-qualified engineer to conduct the installation in your home, then you can rest assured that the job will be completed thoroughly and professionally. Having an unfit engineer install the boiler for you, can lead to problems like pipe leakages and damaged parts that are expensive to replace.

Monitor your central heating

Keeping an eye on your home’s heating could help you identify any changes or faults early on. This could help prevent any serious damage from happening. If you notice any problems, it is best to get a qualified engineer to look at the system to prevent the problem from worsening.

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Adding water

Corrosion can reduce the life expectancy of your boiler. Corrosive elements which attack the equipment can significantly lessen the efficiency of your boiler to function effectively make it more prone to breaking down. Eventually, it will require you to replace your heating system. You can avoid this by adding water chemicals to your system which will keep the corrosion down. You can consult with 2 RED experts on the best additives for the boiler we can also help you add them.

Arrange repairs

Postponing your central repairs is never a good decision. Some problems such as a build-up of sludge in your system could aggravate over time. No matter how small the problem with your boiler is, overlooking it will only make it worse and more expensive to repair. It is best to frequently get it and maintained by our professional engineers. Some boilers have a ten-year warranty so you can call the company on a yearly basis. Upholding a healthy, efficient boiler by frequently repairing it, could help it last much longer.

To get your boiler to last for a long time, you will definitely need the help of a reliable boiler company like 2 RED and also make sure you buy a reliable brand.

Boiler Making Noise When Switched Off

For most homeowners, any noise from your boiler is a cause for alarm. No matter how little the noise is, whenever you hear it, you can’t help but keep wondering what could be causing and if it is dangerous.

One of the more concerning is noises is a buzzing or gurgling sound that comes from the boiler even when you have switched it off. It is more concerning because the boiler is off so you don’t expect any noises.

There are a variety of reasons that could be causing the noise. Our experts have diagnosed a number of cases and even though the findings are not alarming, you need to have the boiler checked either way.

Air in the system

The most common reason for the noises you might hear in your boiler after you have switched it off is air that is trapped inside the boiler. if the cause of the noise is the air, it will always sound like rushing water.

If air is trapped inside the system, once the boiler has been switched off, the air is going to be pushed around by the circulator. If the air has worked its way into the boiler, you will also hear some clunking noises.

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Even though the situation sounds dire, the fix is quite simple. You could have the problem rectified by simply bleeding the system. If this does not help, then it might be a good idea to call in our experts at 2 RED to have a closer look at the system.

Faulty thermostat

The other reason your noise could be coming from your boiler when it is off as a result of a failing thermostat. Ideally, when you switch off the boiler, the circulating pump should continue running until the water cools to a certain temperature.

There is a thermostat that should notify the pump when to stop working. If the thermostat is not working properly, it will not relay the right information to the pump. As a result, you can hear noises coming from the boiler even when it is switched off. Our experts can help you identify the faulty thermostat and get it working properly again.

Faulty valve

A dodgy valve could also be to blame for the noisy boiler. Even though is slightly rare, a failing valve can also cause the circulating pump to keep working even when the boiler has been switched off. The movements of the pump could be what is keeping you up at night.

When it comes to boilers, you can’t help but think the worst of any unusual noises. You always want to know how serious it is and how soon you can have it looked at. Having the boiler and the central heating serviced regularly can prevent some of these noises. It can also help to identify failing parts and replace them in good time.

Even for the case of noises made by your boiler when it is switched off, our maintenance and service team can help avoid such incidence. For comprehensive service and maintenance of your boiler, give us a call today.