Students Guide To Leicester

Studying in Leicester city might actually be what every student could wish for to live study and eventually get all the fun there is. .This can actually be termed as the best city to live and study with renowned universities such as the University of Leicester and the likes of The De Montfort. Well, this city has continued to draw a youthful traffic from all over the world. Below are some of the guides that will help you get going as you pursue your studies in Leicester!


For a start, there are very many good universities in this city but we must admit The De Montfort and the University of Leicester do take all the glory in this case. If we can narrow to these two exquisite universities you find that they have quite a remarkable reputation all equipped with good facilities.More to that institutions have a variety of integrated sporting activities, they are all rounded basing from sports to extra curriculum activities. Most of these universities should be the places to be!


Just like all the universities, there are very amazing student areas in Leicester. Being a city you should expect some bit of class and modesty when it comes to places to live in. At this juncture getting a place for accommodation will all depend on what you have in your pockets. Having in mind that you are a student you might want to have your budget in mind and get things running smoothly. Apparently, Leicester has places just for any amount of money available. If you are looking for an affordable place you might start heading to The City Centre. It actually privileged to be the cheapest in the country.

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There are also other places like the Knighton Area, The Stony gate, this is a more chilled out place having many available shopping facilities. If you are a party maniac kind of student you probably want to live in Evington, this place just has you covered! With all the amazing parks and loaded pubs, this is definitely the thing for you! Places like the high fields can also come in handy for those students that are cannot remain in the house. This place is much cheaper compared to the others having in mind that the properties are larger.

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Leicester City is also known for its multicultural nature and for this case you do expect to have a variety of dishes to choose from. There are very many restaurants and hotels all over the city starting from the finger licking Indian meals to the many different cuisines you will be surprised to find yourself just trying out everything. Moreover should not miss visiting the Gelato village and St Martins square this is some of the cool food joints you should be aware of.

All fun and games

Now, this is the best part of all this, we all love fun and for students, this is actually one of the drives that leads them to Leicester City. For most students, there is nothing better to spice up the evening with some good music, some dreamy booze and finally party all night! If you are among this lot there are more than 200bars and clubs waiting for you. It is okay if you are not the raving kind, movies maybe? You are also catered for having the opportunity to visit the Cinema De Lux to end your day in style. There are also plenty of parks and malls, in short, this fun and games part is catered for all

With this guide, you have access to all the great spots in Leicester where you and other students can mingle and interact.

Best Places To Visit In Leicester

We have been covering new boiler installs in Leicestershire for over 5 years. Leicester has a variety of tourist attraction sites, from amusement parks, hiking trails, town squares, museums, monuments, memorials, and other archaeological sites. Leicester is the best place for art lovers since it has the largest collection of German Expressionist artwork in the U.K.

Here are some places to visit in Leicester both for fun with family and friends and with business partners;

King Richard III Visitor Centre

This Visitor Centre tells all about the gripping and moving story of the life, demise and the uncovering of King Richard III. The exhibition graphs the king’s life and death and describes the circumstances that led to a hasty burial and eventual uncovering. If you have not gone to see King Richard Tomb yet, consider it as a worthwhile visit, which is set in Leicester Cathedral.

St Martin’s square

It is a delightful spot to spend with family and friends on the afternoon. The beautiful courtyard is surrounded by freelance shops, restaurants and beauty shops: making the spot more favourable and the best place to chill out with friends, go shopping, drink coffee and also experiment with a new look.

Twycross Zoo

Twycross is the largest zoo in Leicester, and is a popular tourist attraction site for both children and adults. Primates hence also referred to as Specialist primate zoo primarily inhabit this zoo; you can see monkeys, apes, gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos all in one visit.

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Tropical Birdland

The tropical birdland is a great place to visit especially with the toddlers but not only toddlers will enjoy feeding birds with fruits and peanuts but also the adult tend to enjoy the moment as much as the toddlers. For pet owners and having a particular interest in parrots, the tropical birdland is the place to be.

Curve Theatre

This is Leicester’s glorious home for theatre and performing arts, stationed in the City’s cultural Quarter. These theatre natures and supports new and emerging talents, It is also the best spot for casts and music lovers.

St Nicholas Church

It is the oldest church in Leicester with a great architecture. It is hard to miss the place since it is quite visible and centrally set. It has a shiny gold clock above it; you will also find Roman tiles inside and outside. It is located right next to Jewery Roman Museum; it has a tower inside and is full of interesting features.

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

A wonderful building set and great city museum with top class art, this place is highly recommended for the art lovers. The information is laid out clearly making it easier even for kids to understand, it also have a variety of items and some fun interactions for kids. The Rutland dinosaur is the main attraction.

Leicester is an unequaled city and a wonderful place to visit with a good number of visitor attractions. Leicester city combines the finest English traditions with multicultural activities and the cosmopolitan buzz of the city. It is a city rich in arts, culture, sports and heritage, Leicester offers something of interest for all age groups.

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Students Guide to Nottingham

You finally got the chance to attend one of Nottingham’s world-renowned universities. The only problem is, while you have your classes and routines nailed down, you can’t seem to find the places where all the other students go to have fun eat and relax. It is commonly said that all work and no play makes John a dull boy and you don’t want that. So, here is your comprehensive students guide to Nottingham.

Plentiful Activities

What are some of the fun things you can do in Nottingham on a student’s budget? Plenty. You could pay a visit to the Nottingham castle home of the Sherriff in the Robin Hood films. For just £5 you will polish on your history, grab a panoramic view of the city and enjoy the beautiful grounds.

You could also spend some time at the Nottingham Contemporary free gallery and feast your eyes on some experimental art. Right next door is the New Art Exchange which is the largest exhibitor on multicultural art and guess what? Admission there is free too!


Nottingham is abuzz with all kinds of brands but, if you are looking to shop and save at the same time, there are some pretty cool places you can check out too. You can start out with the Old Market Square which is smack dab in the middle of the city with stores that readily cater to your every need and taste. You could also drop by the Flying Horse Walk shopping arcade which is just nearby and if you are a fan of boutique stores another nearby arcade – the Georgian arcade should take good care of your preference.

Throughout the week, you will be spoilt for choice since there are many markets available. The main markets are Clinton Street, Victoria Centre, Bulwell and Hyson Green.


Of course, your experience as a student is never complete with great night spots where you can hang out after a day full of lectures and get to mingle with other students.

If you are looking to fill your tummy, sushi, fast food, Tapas among others are just but a few of the options that you can pick from among the many lively eateries across Nottingham.

Availability of dance and music spots is not limited either if you are looking for something fresh and unique, The Rescue Room is the place to be at least twice a week. There are other nice places that you can visit Keogh’s Irish, the Lion Inn which is famous for jazz, The Maze if you are a lover of punk and Americana music and The Bodega.

Employment Experience

The best thing about Nottingham is that you can also build your career here, with plenty of employers with outstanding opportunities in different areas like life science, digital media, business consulting, finance, and engineering, it is the perfect place to get your young career going and give you the experience you need. We are always looking for exceptional boiler installers to join the team, so get in touch! We are one of the best boiler installation companies in Nottingham.

With two world-class universities, Nottingham is a preferred destination for many students looking for quality education and an affordable lifestyle. Over the years, the county has established itself as a student favourite with all the necessary amenities for education, employment, and fun.

Places to Visit in Nottingham

We have been offering new boilers in Nottingham and across the Midlands for over 10 years – Nottingham is our home! It has great scenery and landscapes, and a visit here guarantees one of the most comprehensive touring experiences ranging from the historical caves right down shopping and even dining. The only problem you will have is choosing the places to visit in Nottingham so, here is a list that will help you start with the most exciting places first.

The Nottingham Caves

Over the years there has been much talk about the Intu Broadmarsh Centre, but the most exciting part of this is the 500 man-made caves which count for the most compared to anywhere else in the UK. The most exciting part about these caves is that they are attached to the shopping centre it is a great place to be for an adventurous mind and also to have that cave-like experience.

The Nottingham Riviera

If you are here during the summer, you will not want to miss the Riviera. It is the messiest but most captivating experience you will have while in Nottingham. Over 300 tonnes of sand are dumped in the Market Square for a funfair, outdoor bar and various food huts that fill the air with a pleasant smell. This is a great place to bond as the county though for a short time is transformed to Nottingham-on-Sea.

Highfields Park

The Highfields Park is part of the University of Nottingham, and it is an expansive 52-acre green space that is filled with exotic trees and plants. Other than staring at the vegetation, you can also engage in plenty of other fun activities like walking, boating, croquet, be picnicking and even play bowls. It is also a great area where kids can play, and for the lovers of art, the Lakeside Arts Centre hosts special events occasionally that you might find interesting.

Nottingham Castle

Castles are always intriguing, and the Nottingham Castle is no different. It has some great views of the town and is popularly known for its bronze statues of Robin Hood courtesy of the Nottingham born sculptor James Woodford. The castle which was initially destroyed by the parliamentary forces in 1651 was replaced by an Italian style palace and now hosts two great museums which are the Sherwood Foresters Regimental museum which has an impressive collection of medals and uniforms. And the other is the Nottingham Castle Museum and Art gallery. No matter the nature of your thirst for information and history, these museums will take good care of you.

Sherwood Forest

This forest is a hive of activities and an excellent place for adrenaline junkies and lovers of nature to come and appreciate what the forest has to offer. To get your pulse racing, you have the option of jumping from one tree to the next using the different features that have been installed in the forest. It is also a great place for you to see the different types of exotic trees and unwind from the hustle and bustles of the big cities.

Nottingham offers a great blend of tourist attraction sites that are ideal for the entire family. Whether you are looking for a great dose of history, looking to get some action into your life or just looking to gaze and get fascinated by the great outdoors, Nottingham has just the tourist experience for you. If you are looking to move to this beautiful city, be sure to read out best places to live in Nottingham guide.

Best Places to Live in Nottingham

As the leading boiler companies in Nottingham, our roots and history have begun in this beautiful city. Nottingham is a city filled with cafés bars, upmarket retailers, and restaurants. The presence of these amenities is just one of the reasons why most people would love to live here. With the different neighbourhoods, townships and diverse culture, choosing where to live in Nottingham is not going to be easy because of all the viable options available. But, here are some great places to live in Nottinghamshire.


Beeston has built a name for itself as the preferred destination for professionals and academics. Its stand out facilities includes the Queen’s Medical Centre, the Boots campus, and Nottingham Science Park. Beeston is also well-connected to Derby, Loughborough, and Nottingham via rail links which makes it easier for its residents to move around and get employment.

For leisure, Beeston has plenty of golf courses, pubs, community events and the Wollaton Deer Park. It offers a great blend of work and play.

West Bridgford

For the longest time, West Bridgford has been one of the best house buying destinations in Nottingham. The preference to buy homes in West Bridgford is driven by its green environment, the open spaces like the West Bridgford Park and the numerous leisure facilities which include the Rushcliffe Arena. West Bridgford also has excellent schools, and even though the cost of owning real estate in this neighbourhood is slightly above average, it is worthwhile.


One of the greatest benefits of living in Ruddington is its distance from the main Nottingham city. Its distance allows you to enjoy that village life with a blend of city convenience which is what most homeowners looking to live in Nottingham are looking for. Homes are more affordable than West Bridgford which makes it ideal since you also get to enjoy the lush green environment without having to spend extra money on buying your new home.


If you love activity and buzz, you are going to love Stapleford. It has a very vibrant local community that supports local businesses which makes a great place for a start-up. It is an already excellent place to live, but there are campaigns on how it can be made even better. At Stapleford, you will also be able to enjoy exotic cuisines like Indian and Italian, and there is also a Nepalese restaurant when you are feeling a little adventurous. Leisure facilities include the Bramcote Hill Park which is neatly tucked away from the distractions of the city and provides the perfect getaway.

Mapperley Park

Two miles away from central Nottingham lays the leafy suburb of Mapperley Park. It has ample transport infrastructure including the M1 Motorway which is a stone throw away making it the perfect stopover for commuters. The locality is thriving with facilities like schools, cafes, pubs, and shops. It is an excellent place for you to enjoy the community feel without giving up the convenience of the city.

Nottingham is a great place to live and offers a variety of different localities each with a different environment that appeals to different people and families. With such diversity, you are assured of getting a new location to call home. If you are a student looking to move to this city, be sure to read our students guide to Nottingham.