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Looking for Boiler installation in Stamford? To ensure that you’re able to get the most benefits from your new modern boiler replacement, proper installation is very vital.

2 RED has been installing boilers for over 25 years. We have a well-trained and heavily experienced team of engineers that are ready to serve our clients. We are registered with GasSafe, and our engineers are accredited by some of the largest and most reputable companies. Our boiler installation in Stamford service is quick and reliable and driven by our passion to deliver top quality service to our clients.

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At 2 RED we believe that the customer is king. Over the years, we have set the bar high on the quality of service that we offer our clients, and our engineers are well aware of this. We embrace professionalism, and friendly service and our experts will always serve you with a smile. If you have any question before, during and after the installation period, our team will be ready to answer you comprehensively. We also clean up our mess after the boiler installation in Stamford is complete.

Our installation team works fast and within the hours that you’re comfortable with. We can install any type of boiler and also conduct new boiler replacements in Stamford as well as maintenance and servicing.

To ensure that our clients are able to achieve optimum results from our services, we also offer professional and unbiased advice on the best boilers in the market. Our advice is based on the budget that you’re currently working with, your needs and the size of the house and the demand for hot water in your home. With our professional opinion, you’re better equipped to make an informed decision on a boiler that will serve you longer.

Get an Estimate for Your New Boiler

An estimate is a great way to find out who is offering the best prices and the best quality. It is also a great way to organise yourself and know how much is required for the new boiler replacement in Stamford.

With our competitive boiler installation in Stamford rates, we aim to offer you an affordable service that is hinged on delivering quality service and providing our clients with the best value for their money.

We also have different boiler financing options that help to make the installation more affordable for all clients. Depending on your preference and financial needs, you can choose the financing option that you find to be most suitable for you.

Why Choose Us?

Our combined experience of 25 years gives you piece of mind that your new boiler is being installed by professionals that are passionate about what they do.

Experience – we have diverse experience installing and working with boilers. Our engineers have a collective experience of more than 25 years. With this, you're assured of the best results each and every time you're working with us.

Affordable and professional – we have spent years building a reputation and continue to improve our services. We are professional and adhere to the terms agreed upon, and our competitive boiler installation rates keep the cost of the new boiler replacement in Stamford affordable while giving you more value for your money.

Boiler financing – we want our clients to always have the best. Other than offering affordable rates, we also have different boiler financing options that you can consider that will help to make the installation more affordable.

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Changing Your Boiler

Changing Your Boiler

Replacing your old inefficient gas boiler with a modern A rated high efficiency condensing model complete with a full set of heating controls will significantly cut your home’s CO2 emissions.

Which type of boiler do you need?

Combi Boiler

A combi boiler is ideal where space saving is a must. With no hot water cylinders or tanks in the loft, a combii boiler gives you instant hot water on demand. They are a highly efficient all in one solution to meet your heating and hot water needs.

Combi Benefits

  • No need for cylinders or tanks in loft or airing cupboard.
  • Instant hot water on demand.
  • Only heats water when needed, saving on gas bills.
  • Quick and easy to install saving time and money.
  • No risk of flooding from leaking tanks or cylinders.
  • Runs on mains pressure for a comfortable showering experience without the need for additional pumps.

Traditional (regular) Boiler

Most traditional heating systems are this type. They have a boiler, a hot water cylinder often fed by a cold-water storage tank in the loft and a feed and expansion cistern in the same location.

Traditional (regular) Boiler Benefits

  • Store of hot water available.
  • Better for large homes with multiple bathrooms.

System Boiler

The key difference is that there’s no need for a cold water feed tank. Like combi boilers, they heat water straight from the mains. But unlike combi boilers they still use a hot water cylinder, usually in the airing cupboard, making them more suitable for multi water outlets.

System Boiler Benefits

  • High water pressure through pressurised storage cylinder is maintained.
  • Clear loft space with no cold water feed tank.
  • All major components are in the boiler for a compact installation.
  • Ideal for large homes with multiple bathrooms.
  • Easy and neat installation.

Finance Options

Replacing either a boiler or entire heating system is a significant investment.

Buying on finance can offer the following advantages –

Meet emergencies – Unexpected costs such as a complete boiler breakdown that will need to be replaced immediately.

Use something while you pay for it – You can enjoy the benefits of a new efficient boiler while you are still paying for it.

Get something you can’t afford now – If you can’t afford to pay cash for a new heating system, using credit allows you to have it now.

We have a range of finance options available to suit individual budgets and needs whether it’s Buy now pay later or monthly instalments tailored to suit individual needs.

Typical Example*

Description: New replacement A rated Gas Condensing Boiler £
Cash Price £2,200
Deposit £200
Total amount of Credit £2,000
36 consecutive monthly payments £55.55
Total amount to pay £2,000

*Above example is shown for illustrative purposes only. Based on paying £2,000 over 36 consecutive monthly payments on an interest free agreement.

Guarantees / Warranties

Heating your home and providing constant hot water means your boiler works hard all year round.

Having a new boiler or heating system is a significant investment to your home so it is important that your installed product is suitably protected.

2 RED work with some of the biggest boiler brands and as a result, are able to offer comprehensive product guarantees and warranties through the manufacturer should anything happen.

To find out more about the options available please contact 2 RED today.

Guarantees / Warranties