5 Common Baxi Boilers Problems

Baxi has enjoyed a long and lustrous run in the British market. Best known for their back boilers back in the day, times have changed, and Baxi still remains among the leading brands in the heating market.

There’s no doubt that Baxi boilers have come a long way. But, even with the advancements, boilers are still engineering works with moving parts and hence will occasionally run into problems. Like other brands, there are some problems that Baxi boilers are more likely to face. It’s important to know what to expect and what to do if anyone of these problems affects your boiler. At New Boiler Nottingham, we have this quick guide resolving common baxi boiler problems.

  1. Boiler Lockout

Baxi Solo 1PF and 2PF are notorious with boiler lockdowns. Every boiler has a lockdown protocol. The lockdown is not a problem or a failure. In fact, it’s a safety measure aimed at keeping the boiler safe and preventing further damage or harm.

There are numerous reasons why a boiler would go into lockdown. You have to identify which of them is the problem. Once it’s sorted, your boiler should start without a problem.

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Cause: There are several issues that can cause a boiler lockout. With the Baxi range, the leading cause is usually overheating, but low boiler pressure can also cause the boiler to lockdown.

Fix: Start by checking the boiler pressure. All you need to do is check the pressure gauge. If the boiler pressure is low, all you need to do is top up using the external loop, and the boiler should start. If the boiler pressure checks out, you can check the overheat thermostat. On the 1PF, check the left side of the orange thermostat knob. Press the button. This should reset the boiler. On the 2PF, turn the knob to ‘Reset’ or ‘Off’ then on again.

  1. Boiler leaking

No boiler is immune from leaks. As the boiler grows older, it’s more susceptible to leaks due to corrosion and high pressure.

Cause: The cause of the leak depends on the location of the leak. In most cases, the leak is caused by a broken or worn out seal or the pressure valve.

Fix: If the leak is caused by the pressure valve, the boiler pressure could be too high. The valve is designed to fail when the pressure is too high to prevent damage. If it’s around a seal, or in most cases, the entire pump might need to be replaced. This is a job best handled by a professional.

  1. Loud Bangs inside the boiler

A variety of Baxi boiler brands like the 133HE Plus and other HE Plus models are commonly associated with this problem. The loud bang often happens when the boiler ignites. In some cases, the boiler fires up then shuts down.

Cause: The mineral fibre burner in this range of boilers is prone to degeneration over time. It could be causing the problem.

Fix: If the boiler is more than 5 years old, consider changing the fibre burner. It’s best to have an experienced engineer handle the replacement because the burner is very delicate and can easily run into problems.

  1. Ignition problems

The Baxi Bacelona and the Baxi 100E experience ignition problems the most. With these models, you might experience a boiler lockout. Depending on the cause of the failed ignition, the fault code on the display and the consequent fix could vary.

Cause: There are several problems that can lead to ignition problems. These include fan fault (code 160), PCB malfunctions (E168) or overheating flue (E131). Each of the problems has a different fix. In isolated cases, there could also be a faulty gas valve. It’s important to check that as well if you can’t find what the problem is.

Fix: The common fix is replacing the chamber seals. But, you could also have the PCB has given a close look and the fan as well. If the fan is the problem, have an engineer look at it to determine what the problem could be. Ideally, the boiler will not start unless the fan is running.

  1. No hot water

Cause: Lack of hot water in your taps usually points to only one culprit – the diverter valve. It’s hard to diagnose if the problem is the valve without the help of a professional engineer to take the boiler apart so there’s not much you can do in this case.

Fix: The only remedy is to replace the diverter valve. Once the valve is replaced, the heating should work just fine.

Boilers are a great addition to every home. They bring a sense of comfort and luxury and make simple tasks even easier to complete. But, you should be wary of boiler fails. Having a few tips can help to remedy the situation and ensure you get the boiler back up and running in the shortest time possible.

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