Cost of Moving a Boiler

Are you thinking of moving and you would like to take your boiler with you? You must be wondering how much that is going to cost you. Is it cheaper to just buy a new boiler? well, unfortunately, there is no single figure to how much moving a boiler will cost you. There are many things that are considered and many factors that affect the cost of moving a boiler.


The first factor that has to be considered is how far you would like the boiler transported. This can cost you between £350 and over £750. If you’re paying £750 or more, the cost includes intensive pipework that will be done when installing the boiler at the new location.

Type of fuel

When considering the cost of moving the boiler, the pipework and the preparation required to move the boiler take much of the costs. The fuel does not matter. However, the weight of the boiler might be a problem. If you own an oil boiler which typically weighs over 100Kgs, it will require more people and logistics to move compared to a gas boiler. That means moving the oil boiler is going to be more costly.

Materials used and time taken

If the job takes more time and requires more resources to be completed, the cost will be higher. If you only need to move the boiler a few feet, it should not cost you much. However, if you want the boiler moved significantly like into the loft, upstairs, into the garage or another room, it will cost you more.


For boilers, only copper pipes can be used. They are not cheap. You will also need to pay for the fitting time as well. As the pipework is being done, other items like extensions and additional flues will also affect the cost of moving. It is worth considering the type of flue. For instance, for Worcester, the vertical flues cost £100 and each extension costs about £45-£55.

Additional work

There is more that goes into moving a boiler than just the pipework and the transfer. You have to consider other jobs like drilling holes for the pipes and flue, patching up the holes, lifting and relaying floorboards. All these are factors that will affect the cost of moving the boiler.

To put it in simpler terms, the more the work required to get the boiler working in its new location, the more it is going to send you.

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The fitter

It is worth mentioning that different fitters will also charge you differently. At 2 RED we give quotes before the actual job is done. It allows you to compare the prices with others and you can pick the most affordable.

Sometimes considering the cost of moving the boiler, it might be advisable to replace it instead. But, this is only advisable if the boiler in question is old and worn out. If the boiler is still new and under warranty, it is best to move it instead.

If you need help deciding on the best approach, get in touch with us today. Our qualified professional will give you professional and unbiased advice on the best way forward.

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