How Huch Does Central Heating Cost per Hour?

Not every homeowner is keen on knowing the amount of electricity or gas they use every month. But even then, it’s wise always to check your monthly billing to ensure you haven’t been undercharged or overcharged by the energy supplier. Moreover, the moment you know how much energy you use every month, you’ll be in a better position to take intentional steps to reduce your usage and save on energy bills.

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But before you can save energy or lean your monthly energy billings, you need to understand how much energy a boiler consumes every hour. The amount of energy a boiler uses depends on the efficiency, size and the number of hours it runs daily. Today, boiler sizes are measured using kilowatts (kW) and often range between 24 and 27 kW, 35 and 42 kW, and 28 and 34 kW. If you have a house with a single bathroom and 10 radiators, you should install a boiler between a 24 and 27 kW rating. On the other hand, a large house with more than 20 radiators and more than three bathrooms need a boiler that is between 35 and 42 kW.

So what is a kilowatt?

kWh is a unit of measuring energy. It shows the amount of energy that the boiler can use if it runs for an hour. This means that a boiler with a 1kW rating would use a single kWh if it ran for an hour.

Using this unit of measurement, it’s easier to calculate the amount of energy (gas or electricity) that the boiler uses and how much of the energy costs. For instance, if you have a 24 kW boiler, it means that it will use 24kWh every 60 minutes. It’s approximated that 1 kWh costs 3.8 pence. Doing some quick calculations, it only means that to run a 24 kW boiler for 60 minutes would cost 9 pence. And as pointed out earlier, this cost changes depending on the age and size of the boiler and the cost of energy in your region.

According to studies conducted in 2017, the average UK home consumed anything between 8000 and 17,000 kWh. This means that the average boiler costs are £1,123 for both electricity and gas. To learn how much energy consumes every hour, you can install a smart meter. Most companies and suppliers are more than willing to install this device at no extra cost.

How much gas should boilers use?

It can be difficult to quote specific figures. However, depending on the size of the boiler, you can use the boiler size to estimate. For instance, if you have a 34 kW boiler, it will use the same amount per hour. If it runs for 6 hours daily, it means the energy used is 204 kW (assuming it is operating at maximum efficiency. If it’s not, this figure will be higher even if the rooms are nor warm and comfortable enough)

The next time you receive your energy bill, read the energy usage breakdown. Generally, the energy bill during winter should be more than what you receive during winter. But if you don’t think the reason for the high bill is the change in season, contact the energy supplier for an explanation.

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