How to Keep Your House Warm During Winter

As the temperatures drop this winter, there are steps you can take to ensure you cut back on your spending on energy bills and to keep you warmer. This goes beyond replacing old and broken windows and increasing your home’s insulation. Below are some of the best ways to keep your home warmer during winter.

Boiler servicing

Boilers are designed to last for ages. Heck, they can last for about 10 – 15 years depending on the type, use, maintenance and servicing done over the years. Boiler experts recommend servicing your boiler once every year. This service checks on the boiler components and ensures they are in good condition. It also helps in improving efficiency and fixing small problems before they escalate into major problems.

But the thing with boiler services is that they have to be done by registered Gas Safe engineers. These engineers will offer a certificate after the inspection to act as proof in case your insurance company requests for proof of annual servicing. Also, using a registered gas engineer helps in retaining your boiler warranty.

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A boiler that is in good working condition is efficient and will keep your home warm effortlessly.

Close the curtains

You’ll be surprised at the amount of heat that is lost through your windows. If you have curtains, you should close them before darkness creeps in. Or if you are away, you can keep the curtains closed to retain the heat that has built up during the day.

And if you can afford it, you can get some thermal curtains.

Use your oven to heat the house

We do not advocate for using house appliances for functions they are not designed for. This is to mean that your boiler should stick to heating your home and your oven to baking sumptuous cakes and meals.

However, once you are done, you can leave the oven door open and allow the heat to radiate into your room. It will help raise the room temperature faster, and as such, it will help you save on energy bills. However, you need to ensure the kids stay away from the open oven to prevent accidents.

Install a rug

Wooden floors look great and elevate the beauty of a home. But in winter, they work against you by letting heat escape right through them. Placing a rug on the floor will help you reduce the heat loss and keep your feet warm throughout winter.

Determine your ideal room temperature

Most homeowners usually turn the thermostat to the highest temperature setting in the hopes that the boiler will heat the house faster. Unfortunately, that’s not how boilers and thermostats work. The thermostat setting dictates how high the boiler will heat your home. Once this temperature is achieved, the thermostat will signal the PCB which will then turn off the boiler.

Knowing your ideal temperature will help you enjoy ideal comfort in your home. The best temperature is between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius. Anything lower or higher than this range will either leave your home colder or waste energy.

If you can afford it, you should install a smart thermostat. These thermostats allow users to control temperature settings remotely through apps installed on tablets and smartphones. Overall, you’ll save more energy and still enjoy your home at just the right temperature.


Keeping warm during winter is crucial as it will help you keep opportunistic diseases at bay and increase your comfort levels. The above tips are simple and quite affordable. Feel free to get creative with their implementation.

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