How Long does it Take to Fit a Boiler?

Winter is coming, and you need to prepare yourself for the chilling cold it comes with. Ensure you ready your boiler to keep your house warm throughout the cold season. Whether you need to install the first boiler in your quarters, add a new one, or replace an existing boiler; this guide is all you need to get the task done, hassle-free.

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Here are 3 scenarios that determine the time you require to set up your boiler fully.

Straight boiler swap

A straight boiler swap is also called like-to-like boiler replacement. It involves switching a broken boiler with a similar type of boiler in the same location.

Time required

A like-to-like swap is the fastest type of boiler installation as the boiler goes into the same location, uses the existing pipe-work, and set up is virtually the same as the previous boiler. Usually, this takes one day. However, you may require an extra half day if:

  1. The existing pipe-work doesn’t directly align with your new boiler.
  2. Your building’s regulations require you to upgrade the gas run when replacing your boiler.

Installing a boiler similar to your existing one in a new location

If you require a new boiler fitted in a new location, or you want an existing boiler moved to a different place in your house, the process will take a little longer than a simple boiler swap. If you need to move your boiler from the kitchen to the garage or basement, for instance, the boiler installation engineer will have to:

  1. Cap off the present gas piping.
  2. Install additional gas pipe-work to the new boiler position.
  3. Adjust segments of the existing pipe-work so that all radiators can heat up properly.

Time required

You’ll need 1.5 to 2 days to fit a boiler or shift an existing boiler in a new position in your house. Either way, the time required for this kind of boiler installation increases with the distance from your current boiler.

Boiler system upgrade

Updating a boiler system is more complicated than a simple like-to-like replacement or new boiler installation. It involves changing one type of boiler for another, more suitable option. Examples of boiler system upgrades include swapping a back boiler for a combi boiler, replacing a combi boiler with a system boiler, and switching from a system boiler to a combination type.

Time required

Updating a boiler system requires more work and time than the other two types of boiler installation. This is because the boiler specialist has to:

  1. Install a boiler cylinder and revise the pipe-work when upgrading from a combination to a system boiler.
  2. Take out the boiler cylinder and re-work the gas piping and central heating structure if you’re upgrading from a system to a combi boiler.
  • Fit a condense pipe from the new boiler to a drain if it isn’t a condensing boiler.

Typically, a boiler system upgrade takes between 2.5 to 3.5 days depending on the accessibility and complexity of appliances involved.

Usually, it takes 8 hours to 4 days to fit a boiler depending on the nature of your boiler installation.

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