Power Flush Ashfield

Every comfortable and cosy home needs central heating. The system needs to be at its best at all times to keep the house warm and provide hot water on demand. But, this is not always the case. Over the years, sludge settles in the pipes, debris and limescale build up in the radiators making the central heating less efficient and more expensive to run.

To protect the system from further damage and restore its efficiency, you need to have a power flush done. For many years, 2 RED has been offering competitive power flush Ashfield services and we have a proven track record. With our effective practices, we will help you remove all the impurities in your central heating and improve your experience.

Our power flush service is also recommended when installing a new boiler. It ensures the performance of the new component is not affected by any blockages in the old system. Get in touch with us today for high-quality power flush Ashfield services.

What is Power Flushing?

Many of our clients are not aware that they need power flushing done or what it is. If your central heating is facing various problems like loud clanks in the boiler, cold spots on the radiator and pipes, noisy pumps and constant leaks in the radiators, you need a power flush. These problems are caused by blockages in the system which can be cleared by our power flush Ashfield services.

To ensure the best results, we conduct the power flush in stages. In the first stage, we add a unique chemical compound. This compound helps to break down the blockages and dissolve the debris. It makes it easier for us to extract the impurities when we reverse the circulations.

Once we extract the compound and the impurities it has collected, the next step is to clear any traces of the compound and contaminants that might have been left behind. To achieve this, we use clean water. We connect the central heating to your home's mains supply. We pump water at high speeds to dislodge any blockages, remove impurities and clear out the chemical we used in the first stage.

We continue pumping water into the system until it comes out clean. Lastly, we add an inhibitor. It protects the piping from corrosion and also helps to prevent further build-up in the system. The inhibitor stays active for many years. That means your central heating remains efficient longer.


There are plenty of reasons you should consider having a power flush Ashfield done to your central heating system.

Improved circulation – Central heating relies heavily on the smooth flow of water through the system and the radiators. After the power flush has been completed, it is much easier for the water to move around. That means the central heating is more efficient and effective.

Cost Saving – a power flush will not only improve your experience. It is also cost effective and saves you money. Not only does it reduce the cost of running the central heating. It also keeps you from having to replace costly components and repairs.