Power Flush Brackley

Are your radiators and your boiler noisy? Are leaks coming from your radiator? Does your boiler keep breaking down and you need to restart it frequently? Are there cold patches on the radiators especially at the bottom? All these are signs that your central heating needs a power flush and at 2 RED we can help you. With our skills, dedication, and experience, we can help you restore the lost glory of your central heating and get it to work correctly and efficiently again.

We offer power flush Brackley services that will help get rid of the elements and debris that cause blockages and make it hard for your central heating system to work. With our services, your radiators will not be removed allowing them to be flushed as well, which will help to restore their proficiency.

You can also get in touch for power flushing before installing a new boiler to make sure the old system has no blockages that will affect the performance and longevity of the new boiler.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a simple process we use to remove different elements that cause blockages in your central heating. The process starts by hooking our power flush Brackley equipment to your central heating. We then add a chemical that helps to dislodge the debris and build up and makes it easier to remove the dirt. We circulate the chemical throughout the system and the radiators and reverse it once it has collected all the dirt.

To make sure no elements are left behind that could continue affecting your central heating, we use water to flush out any remaining traces. For this, we connect the flush circuits on the radiators to the mains supply in your house. We pump in clean water at high speeds and keep discarding the water coming out until it comes clean.

By following this process, we can solve different problems your central heating could be having like noise from the boiler and the pump.

Finally, we add a special substance called an inhibitor into the system. This is a preventative measure. The inhibitor helps to preserve the pipes and prevent corrosion and also helps to prevent the build-up of debris and other contaminants for many years so you can enjoy your efficient central heating longer.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Cheaper heating bills – you will save money on expensive boiler repair costs most of which are as a result of the blockages and the stress they cause to the system. You will also save money by running a more efficient boiler, and central heating as water will be able to go around the pipework with ease, so you don't need to run the boiler for long hours or at high settings.

Longer lifespan of the central heating – a power flush can significantly increase the lifespan of your central heating. Once the sludge that leads to blockages and breakdown of the system has been removed, the system will be able to run more easily, and as a result, it can run longer and without any problems.

If you are looking for a power flush in Brackley, get in touch today!