Power Flush Desborough

If you notice that the boiler or the pump is noisy, the radiators have cold spots or are leaking, and water comes out when bleeding, most likely your central heating system has blockages caused by a build-up of sludge, rust, and debris. If these blockages and the elements causing them are not removed, there is a fair chance the efficiency of your boiler will be affected which can make it more expensive to run your central heating and shorten the life of your boiler.

2 RED has a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals who can help you restore the efficiency of your central heating and the proficiency of radiators through a power flush Desborough. By power flushing the central heating system, you can clear all the sludge, debris and limescale that has built-up and make the central heating run properly again.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a popular method that we have been using for years to help clear elements that cause blockages and reduce the efficiency of the central heating system. The method involves several steps all of which should only be carried out by a professional with enough experience to guarantee the safety of the system and also the best results.

We connect the power flush Desborough machine to your central heating system then add a chemical that makes it easier to extract the sludge, rust, and debris that has accumulated inside the system. To maximise the effects of the chemical, it is circulated throughout the system and the radiators. The chemical is then drained along with the dirt it has collected.

Once most of the dirt has been removed, we then use high-powered jets of water to flush the system and remove any remaining components that cause blockages. We keep pumping clean water and discarding the water that comes out of the system until the water comes out clean. This way, we are sure your system is free of blockages.

Finally, we add an inhibitor to the system. This is a substance that helps to prevent the build-up of sludge, lime scale, and rust in the pipes for many years. The inhibitor also has the added advantage of protecting the pipes from corrosion allowing you to use your central heating for a more extended period before you need to replace the pipes.

Benefits of power flushing

Longer performance – blockages and the accumulated sludge can make it hard for your central heating to continue performing properly. Once a power flush Desborough has been done, the system can function correctly and efficiently for a long time without frequently breaking down.

It is economical – power flushing can save you money going forward. By running an efficient central heating system, you can save a lot of money on your energy bill while enjoying the full benefits of a central heating system. You will also be able to save on repair costs that come with the constant breakdown caused by the blockages. Additionally, you will not have to keep replacing parts like valves that break down frequently because of the pressure caused by blockages.

If you are looking for a power flush in Desborough, get in touch today!