Power Flush Earl Shilton

Is your central heating system suffering from problems like reduced heating output, leaking radiator valves, cold spots on the radiator, noisy pumps or frequent pump failure and noise in the boiler? These and other problems in the central heating are usually caused by the build-up of sludge, rust and other types of debris as a result of internal corrosion.

Over the years, if these impurities are not removed from the system, they cause blockages which can damage the system and cause premature failure of components like the boiler. The only other alternative to restoring the efficiency of your system other than overhauling the entire system is having a power flush Earl Shilton done. 2 RED is a reputable and reliable power flush company in Earl Shilton and provides excellent power flush services with the best results.

We will help you get rid of all the blockages in your central heating and get the radiators working effectively again. We also recommend that you have a power flush done before installing a new boiler to prevent it from being damaged by build-up and blockages in the old system.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a process that uses low pressure, high velocity and high volume pump. Using this pump, we can pump special chemicals and water through the system getting rid of the blockages and clearing any build up.

Our power flush Earl Shilton service starts by circulating a high-quality chemical compound that helps to get rid of the sludge and rust deposits. Using this chemical, we get rid of the most stubborn blockages and impurities in the system.

Once the chemical has played its part, we remove it along with the dirt it has collected. To make sure there’s nothing is left behind, we use high powered jets of water to rinse out any impurities that might have been left behind. For this, we attach the flush circuits on your radiators to your home’s mains supply. We monitor the water coming out of the system and keep pumping in water until it comes out of the system clean.

Once we are satisfied that the system is free from blockages and build-up of sludge, we add an inhibitor. The inhibitor ensures you can enjoy the benefits of the power flush longer and it also improves the life of your central heating.


  • Cost effective – Even though the power flush service is not free of charge, compared to the repairs and expense of replacing the different components of the central heating it more affordable. What's more, with power flushing, you get impressive results for your central heating and you save money in the long run.
  • Reduced energy bills – power flushing will help to improve the efficiency of your central heating by 25%. It will greatly reduce heating times and even better, you will notice a significant drop in your energy bills. Because the system is more efficient, you don't need to run the boiler over a long period or at high settings and hence the system doesn't consume a lot of energy.