Power Flush Eastwood

Having a central heating system that is not reliable, inefficient and one that is always breaking down can be very frustrating. In most cases, clients decide it is better to replace the whole system with a new and more efficient one. However, this can be expensive and in most cases, it is a premature decision. At 2 RED, we have been working with boilers and central heating for many years. We understand that the reduced efficiency and constant break down can be caused by blockages and build-up of sludge and rust deposits.

Before you decide to overhaul your system, you might want to try our power flush Eastwood services first. By power flushing, we will help you remove all the dirt and impurities causing the blockages and get your central heating and radiators working properly again. Power flushing will restore the efficiency of the system and even prolong its life allowing you to save up on the replacement costs.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a process we use at 2 RED to give your central heating system a thorough internal clean which helps to improve the performance of the system and helps you to save on energy. If you notice your central heating system having cold spots, noisy pumps, leaks or having dirty water when bleeding the radiators, it shows the system needs to be cleaned to remove impurities like sludge and debris.

During this process, we will add a special chemical into the system that will help to loosen the deposits and stir the sludge to make it easier to remove. The chemical will be circulated to all parts of the central heating and through all the radiators to maximise on the amount of dirt removed. It will then be reversed to extract all the dirt.

We will then use water to flush out all the impurities that might have been left behind. In this stage, we connect the flush circuits to the mains supply and pump the water into the system at high speeds. We keep discarding the water until the water used to flush the system comes out clean.

Lastly, we add a special substance called an inhibitor. This helps to protect the pipe linings against corrosion and also helps to prevent against the build-up of sludge and deposits for a long period time ensuring you enjoy the efficiency of your central heating for a long time.

Benefits of Power Flushing

  • Protects against corrosion – after we have flushed out the sludge and rust deposits, in the last step of power flushing, we add a special substance called an inhibitor. This not only helps to prevent the build-up of sludge but also helps to prevent against corrosion of the pipe work. This allows you to use the system for longer without experiencing leaks or having to change the system.
  • Lower energy bills – once the power flush Eastwood has been completed, you will notice a significant decline in your energy bills. By restoring the circulation of water, your boiler is able to work more effectively and you don’t have to run it for long hours to get hot water. Your radiators also work better and the transfer of heat is more efficient which saves energy and in turn, you are able to pay less for your energy bills.

If you are looking for a power flush in Eastwood, get in touch with us today!