Power Flush Gedling

If you’re concerned about the decreasing efficiency of your central heating system, there’s a simple and effective solution. Over the years, sludge, debris, and rust build up inside the pipes and radiators of your central heating. The build-up is what causes the decline in performance and increased running costs. At 2 RED we have many years of experience helping our clients restore the efficiency and performance of their central heating system.

We do this by offering power flush Gedling services. Through power flushing, we can save your system from severe damage that can be caused by the debris if not removed. Our clients have enjoyed impressive benefits and prolonged use of their central heating system after our power flush service. In addition to the benefits that a power flush can offer, it is the only known solution that can remove impurities that build up inside the central heating. Without power flushing, you would eventually have to replace the entire system.

What is Power Flushing?

Our power flushing service involves numerous steps. For the best results, we always recommend that all the steps are conducted by our trained and experienced experts. Before a power flush is conducted, we offer a free home survey to identify if your central heating needs power flushing.

Some of the symptoms of a central heating that needs power flushing that we look for include; loud clanks in the boiler, leaking radiators, radiators that need to be bled more often, cold spots on the pipes and reduced efficiency. Power flushing can be used to clear most of these problems.

We start the process by adding a special compound to the system. The mixture helps to break down the blockages and make them easier to remove. To maximize on its effects, we circulate the compound throughout the system and through all the radiators. We then reverse the circulation to extract the compound and all the impurities it has collected.

To remove any traces of the compound and impurities that might have been left behind, we use normal tap water. We connect your water mains supply to the flush circuits on the radiators. We pump in water at high speeds to clear any remaining blockages and clean out any unwanted impurities. We repeat the process until the water coming out of the system is clean.

Finally, we add an inhibitor. It is a preventative measure that protects the pipes against corrosion and also prevents build up for many years.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Longevity – central heating systems are built to last. But, with the build-up, they can break down prematurely. With our power flush Gedling services, we can prolong the life of your central heating and get it to work efficiently for a longer period.

It’s cost efficient – the cost of having a power flush Gedling done is a small fraction compared to the cost of replacing components of your central heating like the boiler or having constant repairs done. With our power flush services, you not only save money, but you enjoy peace of mind as well with an efficient and reliable central heating.