Power Flush Heanor

Power flushing is one of the most effective and easiest ways to fix a wide range of problems that your central heating might be experiencing like cold spots noisy pumps and boiler and leaks in the radiator. 2 RED has been using this technique to help our clients get their central heating working properly again. We have many years of experience, and our experts are well trained on how to use the power flush Heanor equipment.

With the power flush service, we can help you avoid the costly repairs and replacement of parts and get rid of all the elements that cause blockages making your central heating inefficient and ineffective. We also advise our clients to have a power flush done when they are installing a new boiler. This ensures there are no blockages in the old system that can affect the performance of the boiler being installed.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a unique technique and process that is commonly used to clear sludge, dirty water, rust, and debris from the pipes and radiators of the central heating to restore efficiency and help the system work more effectively.

At 2 RED we make sure every step of the power flush Heanor service is conducted by a qualified professional who has experience and can guarantee the best results. We start by connecting the power flushing equipment to the central heating. We then add specialist chemicals into the system which help to loosen the dirt, sludge, limescale, and rust and make them easier to remove. The chemical is circulated through all the radiators and the pipework to maximise the amount of dirt we remove.

After we remove the chemical, we pump in water at high speeds to remove any traces of elements that might have been left behind. We constantly discard the dirty water coming out of the system until it comes out clean which is a sign that the central heating is now clean.

In the last step, we add a substance called an inhibitor. This helps to protect the pipes from corrosion and also keep the sludge and other elements from building up. As a result, you’re able to enjoy your efficient boiler for many more years.

Benefits of Power Flushing

There are plenty of benefits that both you and your central heating can enjoy by having a power Heanor done.

Reduced heating time – the build-up of sludge and other elements in the system makes the central heating inefficient and requires more time to heat up the water or your home. In most cases, if your system has blockages, you have to run it longer and at higher settings. Once a power flush Heanor has been done, the heating time is reduced, and the results take a much shorter time.

Smooth running system – some of the effects of having a central heating with blockages and sludge build up is noisy pumps and boiler, leaks, and inefficient radiators. After a power flush has been done, most problems with your central heating should be taken care off, and your system should be able to run smoothly without constantly breaking down or making annoying noises.

If you are looking for a power flush in Heanor, get in touch today!