Power Flush Hinckley

Power flush is a service that we offer at 2 RED with the aim of helping homeowners lengthen the lives of their central heating while improving efficiency. We have been offering this service for many years and we have a team of highly quality individuals who can guarantee the best service and results. With our power flush Hinckley service, we will help you remove debris and sludge that is stuck inside your central heating and save it from further damage which could cause complete failure.

If you have been having problems with your central heating, you might want to try our power flushing service first before you decide to overhaul the entire system which is quite costly. You can also use the service when you are installing a new boiler just to make sure that the system is clean and to allow you get the most out of the new boiler.

What is power flushing?

If you notice cold spots and noisy pumps in your central heating system, it is a sign that you need to have the system flushed. A leaking radiator or one that needs venting or bleeding often is also a good sign that you should give our power flush Hinckley services a call.

The process of power flushing involves quite a number of steps all of which should be handled by a qualified professional from 2 RED. In the first step, a chemical is added to the systems. This chemical helps to dissolve and dislodge any deposits within the system and the pipes. For it to be effective, it is circulated through all the radiators and then reversed. The deposits are then disposed of and the flush circuits of the radiator are connected to the mains supply. Water is then used to flush out the system and it is discarded out. This continues until the water comes out completely clean.

In the last step, our team will add an inhibitor in the system. This is important because it helps to protect the pipes and the system from more deposits and rusting for many years so you are able to enjoy the new found efficiency and effectiveness longer.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Increased efficiency – there is reduced hindrance within the system which means that more of the energy produced by the central heating system is put to the right use. With this kind of efficiency, you use less energy.

Improved circulation – For the best results, it is very important to make sure that water flows freely in the pipes. Power flush Hinckley helps to get rid of the deposits that cause blockage and prevent water from flowing freely. With clean pipes free of blockages, you are able to enjoy instant results from your central heating system.

Save money – power flush allows you to save money on multiple fronts. First, it helps you squeeze more out of your central heating as opposed to having to install a new one. The service also saves you from having to do multiple repairs and last but not least, it helps to bring down the cost of utility bills by making the system more efficient and effective.