Power Flush Immingham

Over the years as you use your central heating, corrosion of the pipes from hot water deposits debris inside the pipe. Also, sludge from dust particles in the water accumulates inside the pipes and radiators. If left long enough, the accumulation of these impurities can lead to blockages which can cause serious damage to the central heating and affect its efficiency.

At 2 RED we offer power flush Horncastle services. Power flushing is the only available solution to removing the impurities that build up inside the central heating. Without power flushing, you would have to replace the entire system.

With our experience in power flushing, we can help you get your system and your radiators working properly again and also lengthen the life of your boiler.

We also recommend that our boiler installation clients consider having a power flush done when replacing the old boiler. This helps to prevent premature damage of the new boiler by removing blockages in the old system that could affect the performance of the new boiler.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a 3-step process that we use at 2 RED to remove impurities and solve various problems your central heating could be facing like noisy pumps, leaks and cold spots. Because of how complicated the process is, it is important that it is only performed by a professional who has training and experience. This will also ensure you get the best results after the procedure has been completed.

We start our power flush Horncastle process by connecting special equipment to your central heating and adding a compound that helps to dislodge the debris and make the sludge easier to remove. To maximise the effects of the compound we add, it is circulated through the system. This also helps to get rid of as many blockages as possible.

After we are sure the chemical has completed its role, we extract it along with the dirt it has collected. We then use water to flush out the remaining traces of sludge and blockages. The water is pumped through the system at high speeds and discarded if it comes out of the system dirty. If the water comes out clean, it is a sign that all the dirt and sludge have been removed.

To allow you to enjoy the efficiency of your central heating longer after the power flush has been completed, we add an inhibitor. It stays active for many years and helps to protect the pipes against corrosion and build-up of sludge.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Longer life – a power flush helps to prolong the life of your central heating. It gets rid of the added stress that blockages add to the system and reduces the wear and tear. It also shortens the running time of the central heating allowing it to serve you for longer without constantly breaking down.

It saves you money – the cost of having a power flush done is a small fraction compared to what you will be able to save in the long term. A power flush makes the system more energy efficient and cuts on your energy bills. It also helps to cut on repair and maintenance costs.