Power Flush Market Deeping

One of the best ways to lengthen the life of your central heating is by having a power flush done once in a while. This also helps the system to run smoothly and efficiently for longer. At 2 RED we offer power flush Market Deeping services and we have been doing power flushing for many years. With our experience and expertise, we will get your system and radiators working properly again and restore the flow of water.

Reduced efficiency in your central heating is caused by blockages that occur after debris and sludge have piled up in the pipes and radiators over a long time. Other than power flushing, the only other alternative to remove the debris is to replace the system. If the impurities are not removed, they can cause severe damage to the system like causing valves to fail. In some other cases, they can even cause your boiler to fail prematurely.

A power flush is also highly recommended when installing a new boiler. By power flushing the old system, you can remove build-up and blockages that could affect the performance of the new boiler.

What is Power Flushing?

After many years of use, your central heating can get inefficient. You might also notice other problems like cold spots on the pipes and radiators, noisy pumps and also, the radiators might need bleeding more often. These problems are usually caused by blockages in the system.

Power flushing is the method we use to remove these blockages and ensure that your central heating is able to regain its effectiveness and efficiency. The process of a power flush Market Deeping is completed in several different steps and each of them has to be completed by an expert.

We start by adding a special chemical into the system. The chemical is circulated to maximise its effects and then extracted. This helps to loosen the debris and make the sludge easier to remove.

We then connect the water’s mains supply to the flush circuits on your radiator. We use special equipment to pump in the water into the system at high speeds. This helps to flush out any remaining particles of the debris and sludge. We keep pumping in clean water into the system until it comes out clean. This way, we are sure the system has been completely flushed.

Finally, we add an inhibitor. The role of the inhibitor is to protect the pipes and prolong the life of the system and also prevent the sludge from piling up again. The inhibitor stays active for multiple years so you can enjoy the efficiency of your system longer.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Improved circulation – the most immediate and main benefit of a power flush Market Deeping is the improved circulation of water. If the water is able to move around the system easily, heat transfer is more immediate and the system works more efficiently.

It saves energy – because of the blockages, you have to run the boiler for longer and at higher temperature settings. Once the blockages have been cleared, you can get favourable results from your central heating with minimum settings and without running the boiler for long hours. You save energy and money.

If you are looking for a power flush in Market Deeping, get in touch today!