Power Flush Melton Mowbray

At 2 RED, we want to help you make the most out of your central heating system. With our power flush services, we can help you lengthen the usage of your central heating system while making sure that it is efficient. We have been offering power flush Melton Mowbray services for many years and our goals is to make sure that your radiators are able to work properly again.

Power flushing is an efficient method that helps to get rid of sludge and debris build-up in the central heating system and the pipes. Without power flushing, this debris can cause serious damage to the central heating.

You can also seek our power flush system when you are installing a new boiler. This will help get rid of any dirt and rust in the old system and help the new boiler offer the best service.

What is power flushing?

Power flushing is the process of getting rid of dirt and debris from within the central heating system. There are a number of reasons why you need to get a power flush Melton Mowbray among them being a cold spot, squeaking pumps and leaking radiators.

The process involves adding a chemical that helps to remove the debris and sludge inside the pipes. For this to happen, the chemical is added and circulated inside the central heating. The dirt and sludge collected is then removed and the flush circuits on the radiators are connected to the mains supply. We then use water to ‘rinse’ the system and make sure that we keep adding clean water and discarding the dirty one until it comes out clean.

We then proceed to add an inhibitor. Without the inhibitor, the benefits of the power flush would be short-lived and you would need to call us again. However, the inhibitor prevents the sludge and the debris from forming again in the pipes for a long time.

This way, you can enjoy the benefits that the power flush offers for a longer time before you need to do it again.

Benefits of a power flush

Saves you money – one of the main reasons why you should always consider a power flush Melton Mowbray is because it saves you money. In most cases, without power flushing, you may have to end up overhauling the entire system which is quite costly. Power flushing on costs you a fraction of that cost. It also saves you money on repairs. Once the build-up is significant, the pressure within the system increases and failures of parts like the radiator are eminent which can be very costly.

Efficiency - with the pipes free from sludge and debris, water flows around easily and the effects of your central heating are felt much faster. You don’t have to face the cold anymore waiting for the house to heat up. Also, because the system is functioning efficiently, the heat settings don’t have to be set all the way up.

Longevity – without the help of power flushing, your central heating might have a very short-lived span. We help you to make sure that you are able to get more service out of your system.