Power Flush Rainworth

There are many negative effects of having a central heating that is filled with sludge and debris. The accumulation of sludge and other impurities in the system leads to blockages which affect the efficiency of the system to transfer heat and if these impurities are not removed, they can cause the central heating to start failing prematurely.

At 2 RED, we know how frustrating it is to have a central heating system that is not reliable and takes longer to warm up your home. With our power flush Rainworth service, we can get your central heating and radiators to work properly again. It might be a good idea for you to consider power flushing before you start replacing your central heating because of blockages. Also, power flushing should be conducted on your old central heating before installing a new boiler to make sure there are no blockages that will affect the longevity of the new boiler.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a process that we use to remove blockages from the pipes and radiators in a central heating system. With the help of power flushing, we are able to solve problems like having noisy pumps, radiators that need bleeding and venting, cold spots and leaks in your central heating.

The power flush process involves three stages which should be conducted by our professional for safety and to ensure the best results. In the first stage, we loosen the deposits and sludge that have built-up in the system by adding and circulating a special chemical through all the radiators in the system. The chemical is then reversed and it comes out with all the dirt it has collected.

In the second stage, we use high powered jets of water to rinse out the system and get rid of any remaining particles of debris or sludge. To achieve this, we connect the mains supply to the radiator flush circuits. The water used to rinse the system in discarded until it comes out clean which is a sign that the system is now clean.

The last stage is a preventative measure that helps you to enjoy the efficiency of your boiler for longer. For this, we add a special substance called an inhibitor which protects the pipes from corrosion and also prevents the build-up of sludge and debris. Because the substance stays active for many years, you’re able to enjoy the benefits of the power flush Rainworth for a long time.

Benefits of Power Flushing

  • Improved efficiency - the main benefits of a power flush Rainworth is to get your central heating to work efficiently again. This is achieved by clearing all blockages in the system and restoring the circulation of water.
  • Lower energy bills – because of the restricted flow of water, the heat transfer of your central heating is affected. This means you have to run the boiler for longer hours and the heat settings have to be at a maximum. After power flushing, the impurities and the blockages are removed which makes it easier for the water to flow making your central heating efficient. You now don’t have to run you boiler for long hours or have the heat settings at maximum which greatly lowers your energy bills.

If you are looking for a power flush in Rainworth, get in touch with us today!