Power Flush Rotherham

There are several reasons why you should have a power flush Rotherham done on your central heating. The most common and obvious is to remove blockages which are caused by the build-up of sludge, rust and other deposits in the system. If these impurities are not removed the damage they cause can lead to the entire system being replaced. With our power flush service at 2 RED we can help you remove the impurities and blockages and restore the efficiency of your central heating.

Power flushing is also done when installing a new boiler. It helps to make sure the performance of the new boiler is not affected by blockages that could be in the old system which could also shorten the lifespan of the boiler. We can also get your radiators working properly again by power flushing the system. If you’re looking to get your system working properly again, get in touch with us for our power flushing services.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is an effective process used to remove sludge, rust, and deposits that have built up in the central heating. The process involves several steps all of which should be completed by a qualified professional.

The first step is usually to remove the rust and debris. To do this, we use a chemical that is added to the system and then circulated. The chemical dislodges and loosens the dirt which makes it easier to remove. To make sure no impurity is left behind, we circulate the chemical through the system and once it has gone through all the radiators, we reverse it to remove all the dirt it has collected.

We then use water to flush out any remaining traces of the impurities. We connect the radiator flush circuits to the mains supply and pump in the water. We carefully monitor the water leaving the system and we keep adding water until the water coming out is clean.

Finally, we add a special substance called an inhibitor which helps to prevent the sludge, rust and debris from building up in the system. This allows you to enjoy your blockage free boiler for longer and enjoy the efficiency it has to offer.

The process of power flushing can help to solve problems like cold spots on your boiler, leaks and noisy pumps and get it to work more efficiently.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Better circulation – one of the most immediate benefits of a power flush Rotherham is the improved circulation of water which is important for your central heating to function efficiently. By removing the blockages, water is able to flow easily through the pipes ensuring a more effective central heating without cold spots and leaks.

Longer life – before you think about replacing your old central heating, you should consider power flushing. In most cases, removing the debris and sludge can help to restore the efficiency of your central heating and even get it to function properly for a few more years. The inhibitors we add help to prevent corrosion of the pipes allowing the system to serve you longer before you need to replace it.

If you are looking for a power flush in Rotherham, get in touch today!