Power Flush Rushden

To keep your central heating effective and working efficiently, you need to make sure the dirt and debris that builds up in the system over time are removed. The only option that is available to help you extract the build-up and restore the efficiency of the system is a power flush.

You need the help of a reliable and experienced company to maximise the effect of the power flush and provide you with the best results possible. 2 RED has been offering power flush Rushden services for many years and has built a reputation as a reliable and quality power flushing service. We can help you extract different elements that build up in the central heating like sludge, rust, and limescale. This will help restore the efficiency of the central heating and the proficiency of the radiators.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a simple yet effective process that requires special equipment and substances that we use to remove build-up and clear blockages inside the central heating system. Having a power flush done can solve a variety of problems faced by the central heating like loss of efficiency, cold spots on the radiators, noisy pumps and boilers and leakages.

We start by connecting the power flushing equipment to your central heating. We follow this by adding a special chemical into the system that dislodges the debris and makes it easier to remove the deposits. We circulate the chemical through the pipework and all the radiators to make sure we cover as much ground as possible.

The chemical is then removed by reversing the circulation, and it comes out along with the dirt that has been collected. We then attach the radiator flush circuits to the water mains supply in your hope and pump in water at high veloRushden into the system to clear any remaining blockages and elements that might have been left behind. We keep pumping in clean water and discarding it if it comes out dirty, and we repeat the process until the water comes out clean.

To help you enjoy the restored efficiency of your boiler, we add an inhibitor into the system. The inhibitor has two functions. The first is to prevent the sludge and other debris from building up in the system and the second is to protect the pipework from corrosion, so you're able to enjoy better performance for your central heating for a longer time.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Improves circulation – central heating relies heavily on the easy flow of water around the system to facilitate heat transfer. The build-up of sludge and blockages can make it hard for water to flow easily and get to some parts of the system. Power flushing can help to clear the blockages and build up and restore circulation in the system.

Shorter heating time – there is a lot of benefits that come with having a power flush Rushden done. Shorter heating times from the radiators is one of the immediate benefits. By improving the flow of water, more water can get to the radiators, and they get hotter which allows them to heat up the room faster.


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