Power Flush Sleaford

Has your central heating become less efficient? Are you have to run your boiler for longer hours to keep your home? Or maybe you have been noticing cold spots along the pipework? All these are signs that there could be a blockage in your central heating system which is usually caused by build-up sludge, rust and debris.

If not removed, these impurities can cause permanent damage to your central heating and cause your boiler to fail to force you to make expensive replacements. At 2 RED we have many years of experience working with boilers and central heating and our power flush Sleaford service is the perfect solution to get your central heating and radiators working properly again by removing the impurities and clearing the blockages. We also advise our clients to consider having a power flush done before installing a new boiler to make sure there are no blockages that could affect the new boiler.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a process used to remove impurities from the central heating and restore the efficiency of the system. Power flushing can help to solve most problems experienced by central heating systems and allow you to enjoy a more efficient system that functions silently and is able to produce hot water quickly.

The power flush Sleaford process is carried out in three phases. In the first one, we add a chemical into the system to help loosen the dirt, deposits and sludge. For the best results, we circulate the chemical around the system and through all the radiators before reversing to remove all the dirt that has been collected.

In the second phase, we connect the mains supply and the radiator flush circuits and pump in water at high speeds to flush out any traces of the sludge or deposits. The water used for the flush is continuously discarded until it comes out clean which signifies that all the impurities have been flushed out.

The last phase is a preventative measure that ensures you enjoy an efficient system for a long time to come. We add an inhibitor that prevents the accumulation of sludge and deposits in the system and also protects the pipes against corrosion.

Benefits of Power Flushing

  • It is cost efficient – compared to the cost of replacing your central heating or having to pay for frequent repairs, it is much cheaper to have a power flush Sleaford done. It is even better considering that you are also able to make other savings on energy because of the more efficient and less wasteful system.
  • Improved lifespan – the greatest problem with having blockages and build-up of sludge and debris in the pipework is that it causes strain to the entire system which can lead to a premature break down of the system and the boiler. After a power flush is done, the central heating is not only able to work more efficiently but the workload is easier even on the boiler. This allows the system to be able to function properly for a longer time before you need to make any changes to the system.

If you are looking for a power flush in Sleaford, get in touch today!