Power Flush Staveley

One of the main reasons your central heating is not as efficient as it used to be is because of the build-up of sludge, rust, and other components. If these components are not removed, they can cause your boiler to fail and damage other components of the central heating. Power flushing is the only available option that can help you remove the components and get your central heating working properly again.

At 2 RED, we have many years of experience offering power flush services, and we have built a reputation as a reliable and dependable power flushing service in Staveley and the surrounding areas. We will help you get your central heating and the radiators working efficiently again. We also advise clients who want to install a new boiler to have a power flush done before the installation to make sure there is sludge that could affect the performance of the new boiler.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a cleaning and maintenance process that we carry out on the central heating. We use a special chemical and water at high veloStaveley to remove any elements and debris inside the system that could affect its performance and efficiency. With our power flush Staveley services, we can help you solve different problems with your central heating like cold spots, leaking radiators, noisy pump and boiler, and reduced efficiency.

After attaching the power flush equipment to the central heating system, we add a special chemical that helps to dislodge the debris, rust, and limescale and makes the sludge easier to remove. The chemical is circulated through the system and then removed together with the dirt that has been collected.

We pump in water at high veloStaveley by connecting the flush circuits on the radiator to the mains supply to remove any remaining traces of the contaminants. We keep pumping in clean water until the water coming out of the system is clean as an indication that the system is now clean.

We always want to make sure our clients can enjoy efficient central heating for longer, and we add an inhibitor which helps you to achieve that. The substance we add has a long lifespan and helps to protect your pipes against corrosion and also prevents the build-up of limescale, debris or rust for many years, so your central heating system keeps running smoothly.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Better circulation – one of the most immediate benefits of having a power flush done is the improved circulation in the system. This allows water to move freely in the system for easier transfer of heat to the radiators making the system more efficient and effective.

You save money – power flushing saves you the cost of constant repairs and replacement of parts like valves, and it also saves you money on your energy bill considering that now you don't have to run the system for long hours or at high settings. It is also worth noting that your central heating can last longer so you can save up to make the replacement later.

If you are looking for a power flush in Staveley, get in touch today!