Power Flush Stocksbridge

After many years of service, your boiler can lose efficiency and become unreliable which can make simple tasks like taking a bath hard. This is usually caused by the build-up of sludge, rust deposits and other elements. If these elements are not removed, they can cause severe damage to your system and even cause certain parts to fail prematurely. With our power flush Stocksbridge service, we can help get your central heating and the radiators working correctly again.

Other than getting a power flush done to restore the efficiency of your system, a power flush can also be done when installing a new boiler. It will help to ensure the new boiler can function efficiently, and it is not affected by any elements that might have accumulated in the old system.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is the only solution available to get rid of elements that have built up inside your central heating. The cleaning process used in a power flush Stocksbridge can remove the debris and solve various problems like cold spots on the radiators, clear blockages, leaks and noisy pumps and boilers.

To guarantee the best results, we follow a simple procedure which should only be carried out by a qualified professional. To make the dirt and sludge easier to remove, we use a special chemical which is added to the system after we have connected our power flushing equipment to your central heating. The chemical is circulated through all the radiators and then extracted with all the dirt it has collected.

To make sure unwanted elements are not left behind, we use water to flush out the system. We connect the flush circuits on the radiator to the mains supply and pump in water at high velocities. We monitor the water coming out of the system, and we keep discarding it until it comes out clean.

Once we are sure the system is clean and free of blockages, we add an inhibitor which helps you to enjoy the benefits of the power flushing longer by preventing the build-up of sludge and rust for many years. The inhibitor also helps to protect the pipework against corrosion.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Energy saving – running a central heating that is inefficient can be expensive with consumption of up to 25% more energy. Once a power flush Stocksbridge has been done, your system can work more efficiently and achieve your desired results faster and more effectively. After a power flush, your central heating is more energy efficient, and you save money on your energy bill.

Better circulation – the power flush will also help to improve the circulation of water in the system. This allows for better and more effective heat transfer. You will even notice significant noise reduction after the power flushing is complete.

Longer service – a power flush will help you get more service out of your central heating before you need to start making any replacements. By assisting the system to have an easier time to get the work done, you can enjoy an efficient and reliable central heating for a longer period.

If you are looking for a power flush in Stocksbridge, get in touch today!