Power Flush Syston

Routine maintenance of your central heating can go a long way in keeping the system working efficiently and longer. Part of the maintenance process should include a power flush once in a while to get rid of debris and sludge that build up inside the system.

To get maximum benefits, the power flush Syston has to be done by qualified professionals who understand the different processes. 2 RED has been offering power flushing services for many years. We will help your central heating regain its efficiency and get the radiators working proficiently again. It is important to note that if the impurities that build up inside your central heating like rust and sludge are not removed, they can cause serious damage to the central heating.

Without a power flush, the only other alternative to restore the efficiency of the system is to replace it. This is very costly and labour intensive. We also recommend a power flush for clients who are installing a new boiler. It helps to clear blockages in the old system so the performance of the new boiler is not affected.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is an effective process that is used to clear blockages and remove built-up sludge inside a central heating system. The process involves a variety of steps all of which are completed by our power flush Syston experts at 2 RED.

The first involves adding a chemical that dissolves the debris and makes the sludge easier to remove. We circulate the chemical through the system and the radiators and then reverse the circulation to remove the chemical and the dirt it has collected.

We then use water to flush out traces of the chemical and the debris that might have been left behind. To do this, we connect the flush circuits on your radiator to the water’s mains supply. We pump the water into the system and at high speeds and monitor the colour of the water coming out. If the water is not clean, we keep discarding it until it comes out clean.

In the last step, we add a special substance called an inhibitor. It helps to prevent further build-up of sludge and debris inside the system and it also protects the pipes.

If the power flush is done properly, it can solve a variety of problems with your central heating like noisy pumps, cold spots, and radiators that need bleeding and venting often among other problems.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Increased efficiency – a power flush Syston can help to improve the efficiency of the system. By removing the blockages, heat transfer from the water leaving the boiler to the radiators is immediate. As a result, your home gets warm faster and you don’t have to run the boiler or the central heating for long hours.

Improves reliability – blockages can lead to a lot of problems with your central heating. They are the leading cause of leaks, valve breakdown and failing components. Once the blockages have been removed, the system works easily and does not break down often. It not only saves you money in repairs but it is also reliable.

If you are looking for a power flush in Syston, get in touch today!