Power Flush Towcester

Because of internal corrosion, the water in your central heating system is contaminated with sludge, rust and other types of debris. This residue can cause problems with the circulation of water which can lead to a noisy performance with the boiler and cause the heating system to fail prematurely. Overall, your central heating will suffer from reduced efficiency and increased consumption of energy.

The only way to get the central heating working correctly and restoring efficiency in the system is to have a power flush Towcester done. Without a power flush, the system would eventually fail to force you to make expensive replacements of components like the boiler. At 2 RED we offer power flush Towcester services that can guarantee the best results for your central heating and ensure you enjoy the best performance for a long time to come.

We also advise our boiler installation customers to have their old system power flushed before installing a new boiler to clear any blockages that would affect the performance of the new boiler.

What is Power Flushing?

A power flush Towcester is an efficient process we use at 2 RED to help resolve a variety of problems caused by clogs and accumulation of sludge in the system like cold spots on the radiator, noisy pumps and pump failure, reduced heat output, slow system heat up times, blocked radiators and radiators that need venting and bleeding frequently.

To get the best results for our clients, our power flush Towcester service is a mixture of equipment and power flushing chemicals. To start the process, we hook our machines to your central heating and pump in a special chemical that helps to remove the stubborn sludge, rust deposits and to descale the system.

Once your system has been properly and thoroughly cleansed using the chemical, we extract it by reversing the circulation. This also extracts all the dirt that has been collected. We then use water to flush the system clean and remove any traces of dirt or the chemical that might have been left behind. We do this by connecting your water’s mains supply to the flush circuits on the radiator and constantly pumping in water until it comes out of the system clean.

Finally, we take some preventative measures to make sure you enjoy the benefits of the power flush for a long time to come. We add a high-quality inhibitor that protects the pipes from corrosion and keeps the sludge from settling inside the system for many years.

Benefits of Power Flushing

  • Improved efficiency – a power flush can help to enhance the effectiveness of the central heating by up to 25%. It also means that you end up with lower energy bills while enjoying better output from the system.
  • Quiet operation – A power flush Towcester helps to get rid of most of the noises coming from your central heating like boiler and pump noises. After the power flushing has been completed, you should experience smoother and quieter running of your system.
  • Increased life span – power flushing can significantly improve the longevity of your central heating. By adding the inhibitor, your pipes last longer and clearing the blockages reduces stress on the other components like the boiler allowing them to function better for longer.