Power Flush Wellingborough

Are you looking for a competitive and experienced service to power flush your central heating? At 2 RED we have many years of experience, and we can help you restore the efficiency of your boiler and also get your radiators working correctly again.

With our power flush Wellingborough service, we can remove most of the elements and sludge, and that has built up inside the central heating and prevent further damage to the system while improving the circulation and performance of the central heating. Our power flush service is also available to clients who are considering having a new boiler installed. Having a power flush done before installing the boiler will help to remove blockages and sludge that might affect the boiler.

What is Power Flushing?

There are several reasons why your central heating might require a power flush Wellingborough done. In most cases, a central heating that has radiators that produce dirty water when bleeding has a noisy boiler or pumps or takes longer to heat up the room requires a power flush.

At 2 RED we follow a laid out procedure to extract the impurities that build up inside the system and make it hard for the boiler and radiators to work. Once we have hooked up the power flushing equipment to the central heating, we add a unique substance and circulate around the system. The substance helps to loosen the dirt, sludge and debris and make it easier to remove. Once we are sure the substance has covered all parts of the central heating, we reverse the circulation to extract the substance and the dirt it has collected.

We then proceed to rinse the system using water to flush out any particles and loose debris that might have been left inside the system. To do this, we connect the mains supply to the flush circuits on the radiator and pump in water. The water used to flush the system is discarded as long as it comes out dirty and we keep repeating the process until the water comes out of the system clean.

Finally, we add a high-quality inhibitor that remains active for a long time. The inhibitor helps to prevent the build-up of sludge for a long period, and it also protects the pipes against corrosion. With the inhibitor, you will enjoy an efficient central heating for a longer time, and it will also take more time before you need another power flush Wellingborough done.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Increased lifespan – Blockages and sludge can significantly reduce the lifespan of your central heating and components like the boiler. By having a power flush Wellingborough done, the system can have an easier time working, and there is less pressure on the different parts. You don't have to run the boiler as hard, so you enjoy an efficient central heating for longer.

Efficiency and effectiveness – power flushing will make your central heating more efficient and effective. It will reduce the heating time and allow the radiators to get hotter. You will not need to run the system for long hours or as hard but, you will still be able to enjoy desirable results.


If you are looking for a power flush in Wellingborough, get in touch today!