Students Guide To Leicester

Studying in Leicester city might actually be what every student could wish for to live study and eventually get all the fun there is. .This can actually be termed as the best city to live and study with renowned universities such as the University of Leicester and the likes of The De Montfort. Well, this city has continued to draw a youthful traffic from all over the world. Below are some of the guides that will help you get going as you pursue your studies in Leicester!


For a start, there are very many good universities in this city but we must admit The De Montfort and the University of Leicester do take all the glory in this case. If we can narrow to these two exquisite universities you find that they have quite a remarkable reputation all equipped with good facilities.More to that institutions have a variety of integrated sporting activities, they are all rounded basing from sports to extra curriculum activities. Most of these universities should be the places to be!


Just like all the universities, there are very amazing student areas in Leicester. Being a city you should expect some bit of class and modesty when it comes to places to live in. At this juncture getting a place for accommodation will all depend on what you have in your pockets. Having in mind that you are a student you might want to have your budget in mind and get things running smoothly. Apparently, Leicester has places just for any amount of money available. If you are looking for an affordable place you might start heading to The City Centre. It actually privileged to be the cheapest in the country.

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There are also other places like the Knighton Area, The Stony gate, this is a more chilled out place having many available shopping facilities. If you are a party maniac kind of student you probably want to live in Evington, this place just has you covered! With all the amazing parks and loaded pubs, this is definitely the thing for you! Places like the high fields can also come in handy for those students that are cannot remain in the house. This place is much cheaper compared to the others having in mind that the properties are larger.

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Leicester City is also known for its multicultural nature and for this case you do expect to have a variety of dishes to choose from. There are very many restaurants and hotels all over the city starting from the finger licking Indian meals to the many different cuisines you will be surprised to find yourself just trying out everything. Moreover should not miss visiting the Gelato village and St Martins square this is some of the cool food joints you should be aware of.

All fun and games

Now, this is the best part of all this, we all love fun and for students, this is actually one of the drives that leads them to Leicester City. For most students, there is nothing better to spice up the evening with some good music, some dreamy booze and finally party all night! If you are among this lot there are more than 200bars and clubs waiting for you. It is okay if you are not the raving kind, movies maybe? You are also catered for having the opportunity to visit the Cinema De Lux to end your day in style. There are also plenty of parks and malls, in short, this fun and games part is catered for all

With this guide, you have access to all the great spots in Leicester where you and other students can mingle and interact.

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