Students Guide To Rotherham

Even though relatively small, Rotherham is proving to be the main attraction for students with colleges like the Rotherham College of Arts and Technology. Whether you are a new student or a student that is looking for places to have fun and catch up after school and on your free days, there are plenty of places in Rotherham and nearby cities that you can find a great place regardless of what you’re in. We have been offering boiler installs across Rotherham for a number of years, and this student guide is for you!


If you don’t have much to spend and you’re looking for a reliable place where you can catch a beer with friends, Rotherham has plenty of those. You will find plenty of pubs and clubs like Jaxx and the Trades that are perfect for you. If you’re looking for something a little high end, the Renoirs & Rouge might be a great place for you. All these places are in Rotherham so you don’t need to worry about catching a ride or having to take the train.

Parks and open spaces

Depending on which village you’re in there is a vast variety of parks that you can choose from. In most cases, the parks are free and provide great open spaces where you and your buddies can catch up and relax before and after school. There are only a handful parks that are a walking distance from a good restaurant so you might want to make sure you make your choice carefully.

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Rotherham is well known for sports and in particular football. If you’re a lover of sports, the AESSEAL New York Stadium which is home to Rotherham United is the place to be. You can catch plenty of football action here with friends and if you’re in Rotherham, getting to the stadium should be quite easy.


Shopping is a great part of most student populations. However, the city centre in Rotherham does not have much to offer especially if you’re looking for some popular brands. Nevertheless, there is an easy fix. Sheffield is just close by and you quickly drop in and spoil yourself. There are plenty of stores in Sheffield that sell anything from art to coffee to clothes. You will be spoilt for choice.

Clubs and Nightlife

The nightlife of Rotherham is not as vibrant as some of the cities and towns that have a high student population. However, if you must stay out late, there’s no shortage of spots that you can walk into that have a nice ambience and you can catch up on drink. Some of these include Kimberworth Park, The Checkers Inn, and if you prefer a place with a little more noise and chatter, Harry’s bar at the Stockyard truckstop should do the trick for you.

There’s plenty of stuff you can do in Rotherham while taking a break from classes. But, the collection of recreational spots is limited and you have to make sure you make your choice early enough so you’re able to get to your destination of choice in time and check it out. If you want a more vibrant surrounding, you can step into the neighbouring Sheffield which is a short distance away.

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