What To Do in Leicester This Weekend

Leicester wasn’t always the buzzing hive of activities that it is today. For a long time, it quietly flew under the radar and was only known as the birthplace of Walker Crisps. That changed! Today, Leicester is as lively as every other major city around the world. At 2 RED Ltd, we have a range of customers in Leicester.

It is a multicultural city with interesting and fun activities for adults and families alike. If you’re in Leicester for the weekend and looking for great places and activities to keep your weekend busy and fun, Leicester has plenty of new and old joints that you’re going to love.

Museums and educational centres

If you’re bringing kids along for your weekend rendezvous, museums and educational centres are a great option. They feed the child’s need to learn in a fun and interactive way. It is also an opportunity for you to understand what Leicester is about. Some of the sites you can visit over the weekend include the Space Centre which was built in 2001, The Leicester Cathedral, and Charnwood Museum.

Parks, Castles and Gardens

For lovers of the outdoors, the parks, castles and gardens are a great place for the little ones to run around and see new sites. Luckily, Leicester has so many parks and gardens you will be spoilt for choice. The parks are a great place when you’re looking to have fun on a budget.

You might find that some of them are a little crowded over the weekend. But, if you’re willing to forego the popular ones, you can get a great picnic site and set up your family. Some of the sites you can visit include the Ashby de la Zouch Castle, Rockingham Castle, Paradise Found Educational Farm Park, Wistow Maze, Twinlakes Park, University of Leicester Botanic Garden, New Walk, Abbey Park, Grand Union Canal among others.

The Leicester Market

For over 700 years, the Leicester Market has always been where it is today. It is a great place for you to shop for almost anything. The market has over 270 stalls and sells anything from foodstuffs to clothing. It is a great place to drop by the weekend just to stroll around and get some great deals on some of the products.


There’s no better way to put an end to your day than by enjoying a piece of the nightlife that Leicester has to offer. With nightlife, you’re spoilt for choice. From Bars to clubs, Leicester has it all. The best thing in Leicester is, there are a handful of popular clubs and bars and there are others that are neatly hidden gems waiting to be found.

For clubs, you can visit Helsinki, The Fan Club, MOSH, or Fat Cats. There are a range of alternative options scattered around the city.

If you want nothing more than to take down a mug of beer in silence or with the random chattering of people sharing their life experience and how the week has been, the bars are a great option. Your options range from the Veeno Leicester, Revolution, Manhattan 34, The Terrace and 33 Crank Street.

Leicester has plenty of options to offer every weekend reveller. Whether you’re a family man or a uni student looking to hook with other interesting people in the city, there’s a spot designed just for you.

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