What to Do in Nottingham This Weekend

Wondering what to do with your extra weekend hours? Or, you’re just dropping by in Nottingham and would like a quick round up of some of the most interesting activities and spots to hang out and have fun?

Lucky for you, Nottingham has great places where you can hang out with friends. It also has some great family spots where you can relax and bond over the weekend and we have the low down on all the best joints.

Family Affair

  • White Post Farm – this 25 acres of land with over 3000 animals is a great place for the whole family to be in. It features an outdoor play area with two forts and large trampolines. There’s a reptile house, ball pools, beam balances and bumpy slides. It is an all family fun affair in one place.
  • Sundown Adventure Land – this theme park located in Nottinghamshire is the perfect spot for the young ones. There is a huge variety of attractions that you can enjoy which include and Ostrich safari ride and the famous Robin Hood Ride.
  • Museums and attractions – if you’re looking to quench your thirst for knowledge with some fun on the side, you can never go wrong with the different museums in Nottingham. They include the City of Caves, Green’s Mill and Science Centre, and the National Justice Museum among others.


No weekend is ever complete without a taste of the nightlife. There are various options to consider n Nottingham not just the bars and clubs

  • Open Night – it’s a great place to showcase your talent. They do everything from acting, backstage, lighting, cleaning and set building. If you have a creative arts talent, it’s a great place for you to be.
  • Bars and restaurants – Nottingham is awash interesting bars and nightclubs. Some of the top ranking ones that could turn any dull weekend around include Ink, The Bodega Social Club, Oceana and Stealth. Each of them has a different theme but all are definitely worth checking out.

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  • Dating – are you interested in mingling with the fine ladies of Nottingham? There are a few nighttime dating events that you could try. There is the Speed Dating event held at the Pitcher and Plano for people over 20 years.


Nothing ends the week better than a hearty laugh. For many years, Nottingham has been the home for many comedy clubs. You might want to check if there’s a schedule that matches with your weekend plans. There are numerous comedians that come through Nottingham on their tours and even local acts that can dry your ribs. These events are accompanied by plenty of food and drinks and you could easily make them a family affair.

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If you’re looking to catch a break from the house or just have some fun, there are plenty of weekend activities for you in Nottingham. There are options that will help you and your family bond, great spots to hang out with your friends and discuss anything from business to football and finally some interesting places to catch a laugh or even find the love of your life.

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