What’s On in Nottingham?

Nottingham is full of plenty of exciting activities perfect for you or your family. You have a rich collection of things to choose from. To help you save on time finding the best activities, here is a quick run-down on what is happening in Nottingham this year. We are one the best boiler company in Nottinghamshire, so let us tell you what’s on in Nottingham.


Music lovers will be well taken care of this January. The Nottingham based charity event “Beat the Street” will be held on the 27th January. It is an all family affair for anyone above 14 years and after 11PM, the adults can have fun.

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This is easily one of the highlights of the year with up to ten stages across the city centre. What’s more, it is for a worthy cause. All the proceeds from the show go to a charity for the homeless. You can catch the action at the different participating venues like Rescue Rooms, The Bodega, Rough Trade and the Black Cherry Lounge.


The second month of the year will be a colourful affair. It is will start with the Chinese New Year Temple Fair event. It is a great place to be largely because it’s free and you can mingle with people from different cultures and from all walks of life.

There are plenty of interesting activities that are carried out as part of the festivities. You can take part in different arts like calligraphy, music dance, or the all famous Chinese Dragon Dance. While at it, why not indulge yourself in some Chinese delicacies?

The first week of February will also feature the light Night. It is a mind-blowing event with exciting performances and light installation. It will be the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Spaceflight this year and as a special touch, you will get a special tour of the Museum of the Moon. You will get to see up close imagery from NASA. It is easily the closest experience you will have to land on the moon.


June has been carved out as the month for lovers of sports to indulge. The Nature Valley Opens tournament will be making a return to Nottingham and you can catch some of the best local, national and international talent as they battle it out. The event will last a week and as you would expect with any major tournament, there will be other supporting events and plenty of food and drinks.

The tickets are already on sale so why not grab yours now and get front row seats to the event.


Nottingham is the fond home of the great Robin Hood folklore. In August this year, the festival which aims to revive characters from this all famous story will be happening.

For the 35th year, the RSPB will be organising a fun-filled week for the entire family. You and your kids will be entertained with plenty of discoveries to be made in the forest. It is the perfect way to bring the family together and bond.

Even though the year is still young, it promises to be a great one for the lovers of the great outdoors. There are plenty of activities already planned and some even have the tickets already. Keep your ear to the ground and see if any events that might interest you will be mentioned.

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