Why Should You Service Your Boiler

Buying a new boiler is financially intensive. While they are built to last over a long period, not paying proper attention to the boiler and having it serviced regularly can have catastrophic results including premature failure of the boiler.

It’s recommended to have the boiler serviced once a year. While the cost of having the boiler serviced is minimal, the trouble it can save you is unthinkable. Having your boiler serviced should be at the top of your priorities. If you’re not convinced, here is why you should take boiler servicing more seriously.

4 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Boiler

You have a better chance of catching boiler problems early

Most homeowners forget that boilers are not only in action during winter. A boiler works every day to provide your home with hot water. Each time you run the boiler, there’s a chance something could go wrong. Sometimes, you might not notice such problems until it’s too late.

By servicing the boiler at least once a year, you engineer can stumble and identify any potential problems with the boiler and have them corrected before they get any worse. The timely repairs will save you money and a lot of trouble. It will also ensure that when winter hits, you have a reliable and well-tuned boiler ready to take on the chilly weather.

Servicing is Cheaper than replacing the boiler

Servicing your boiler doesn’t cost as much as most people think. Without a doubt, the cost of servicing your boiler is only a fraction of replacing it. In addition to saving the trouble of having to replace the boiler, servicing also helps to notice fails and repairs early which cuts back on the cost of repairs.

Also, a properly maintained and regularly serviced boiler will help serve you longer. No matter which way you look at it, the cost of servicing a boiler is worth it and saves you a lot more than you spend.

You Stay Under Warranty

Some manufacturers require that your boiler is serviced once every 12 months for the warranty to stay active. If you fail to follow this requirement, there’s a fair chance that if the boiler breaks down, the warranty will be voided and you can’t get assistance from the manufacturer. That means you have to repair the boiler at your own cost.

It Can Save Lives

Sometimes, because of the benefits that a boiler has to offer, people overlook how dangerous it can be especially when it is not properly serviced. A lot of people are reported to go to the hospital because of carbon monoxide poisoning from a boiler leak. Some even die. When servicing the boiler, a Gas Safe registered engineer will check and fix any leaks or weak points in the boil. Such fixes could potentially save the lives of you and your family and make the boiler much safer to use.

There is a hound of benefits associated with a properly maintained and serviced boiler. A serviced boiler is more efficient and saves you money on fuel and at the same time, having your boiler serviced can help identify leaks and other problems early and reduce the cost of having the repairs done. It will also allow you to get more out of the boiler before you need to replace it.

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