Worcester Greenstar 25I Review

Though Worcester Boilers have been around for quite some time, the 25i wasn’t a flagship boiler range until 2015 when Worcester made the junior range. The ‘Junior’ range included the 24I. However, this range has since been replaced by the 25i.

In this piece, we shall review the Worcester 25i, including price and size.

Price and cost of installation

Now, the Worcester brand provides premium boilers. As such, you expect their boiler prices to be competing with other premium boiler brands like Valliant and Baxi.

You should expect to pay about £950 for the boiler only. This means that if you need a timer, flue, and extensions during installation you’ll incur extra costs. During installation, you will incur about £2100 by a Gas Safe boiler engineer.

Note: the exact price depends on the materials needed and the Complexity of installation based on the location of installation.

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Before you proceed further, it’s important to decide whether this is the right size for your home. The Worcester 25i can serve a three-bedroom house with low hot water and heating needs. The ideal properties are those with one shower and two bedrooms. Such properties include small apartments, a two-bedroom terrace house and a flat.

If your house has three bedrooms, more than ten radiators and more than three showers, you will need a bigger boiler to the Worcester 25i. The next best size is the Worcester 30i, and a larger option is the Ideal Vogue C40.

Service and Maintenance

If there’s one thing that most boiler installers agree on is the fact that Worcester boilers are harder to install and service. Because of this, the servicing costs are high in comparison to other boiler brands.

Over the years, this is something that Worcester engineers have worked on – they have made it easier to access boiler components. In addition to this, the panel is detailed and has numerous boiler faults. With these boiler faults, a Gas Safe engineer can diagnose the boiler on the phone and in the process save costs.

Frozen pump and condensate pipe

The main reason Gas Safe engineers are called out to fix the Worcester 25i include frozen condensate pipes and faulty pumps. When wastewater freezes and blocks these crucial components, the 25i lockout and stops working. To help prevent a frozen condensate pipe, Worcester 25i comes with a CondenseSure  Siphon. With this siphon, you will have an easier time during winter.

Display panel

A huge turnoff for many homeowners about the 24l Junior is the fact that it lacked functionality and the display was ugly and didn’t help to fix some of the problems easily.

But now, Worcester has added to the functionality of the 25i. Now, users can adjust the heating and water temperature on the panel without using a thermostat.

And even better, the boiler displays relevant fault codes which make it easier to diagnose problems.


Like other Worcester boilers, the 25i boiler range comes with a standard 5-year warranty. Homeowners can extend the warranty by a year when they install a magnetic filter system. However, to qualify for this extension, the filter should be a product by Worcester.


The common control that you can use with the Worcester 25i is Worcester Wave. This boiler is smart, heating control, and has Wi-Fi power. With these features, you can adjust heating through the Wave App.

The control costs more than  £180. If the cost is too high, request the Gas Safe engineer to suggests great alternatives.


If you are low on space, you should consider the Worcester 25SI Compact. Otherwise, the 25i is a great option based on its user-friendliness and functionality.

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